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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beetles , Cuba and UFO's

A little trip through the time machine...

I went to the flea market this past Satuday.
I didn't get much because I didn't stay long.
I didn't stay long because
it was 
miserably hot!

I bought this cute matchbox.
And some old maps.

A map of Florida that included Cuba.
Where apparently 
we could visit anytime,
But -
It doesn't include Disney World!
Clearly, before the Cuban Missile Crisis.
A world pre-Disney.


I bought this tiny one inch plane to make into a necklace.
I sold the last one to a lovely person who bought it for her friend
who teaches flying.
I love when things sell for those kinds of reasons.

(Did you know that original beetles would float in water?)

And this tiny one inch VW Bug
that will also be jewelry. 
I'm jazzing it up
Jerry Garcia style.
I just started.  It's not finished.
I need to redo the peace sign.

And this one. 
Looks like my first car.
Really.  It does.
I don't think I'll sell this one.
It's a keeper.

...and this tiny one inch jeep.
Which I placed on the map.
Close to - 
(cue loud creepy alien music)

Do you believe in UFOs and aliens?

True story

In 1972
I went on a trip with my sister and brother-in-law.
We drove across the country 
from Kansas City, MO
Tucson, AZ
with a stop in Roswell
on the way.

We drove through White Sands, New Mexico.
My brother-in-law
drove off the road around the
He drove
At the height of the cold war!
Near the White Sands Missile Range.
Out of nowhere came two big black cars.
One pulled in front of us.
One pulled up behind us.
Two men got out.

(They were not these men in black)

Also dressed in black.
They were definitely
"The Men In Black"

I mean, we never saw
those cars came from
With all that white sand
you'd think you would have seen them!
A glance in the rear view mirror
There they were.
They were not happy that we were there.

They definitely didn't want a bunch
of young fools driving willy-nilly
 around a restricted MISSILE BASE!!

They escorted us back to the road
from whence we came.
It was scary.
Several weeks ago
 my daughter called me on her way home.
She knows I love a good UFO story.
She told me to go outside and look up.
I grabbed my camera and hopped into the car.
I drove further out into the country to get a better view.
There were bright lights.
Very bright lights.
Brighter than the planes flying around.

 I took these pictures.
What do you think these were???

The lights were very bright,
and moved erratically.
Could've been anything.
But I went home
before the
Men and Black
came looking for me.



Cameron said...

Alien chaser now added to your long list of talents...haha!

Too hot for flea-ing! Dear Me!! You got some cute loot, though :D

Mac n' Janet said...

I think our government is full of aliens, normal people don't act like they do.
Loved your pix and that was a rather scary story about the "men in black".

see mary stamp said...

Kathy, I think you should publish all of your blog posts in a book some day. They always make me smile.

fairyrocks said...

Interesting, very interesting, we could discuss it further under the cone of silence LOL
Great tale.

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

I love the fun little treasures you found and the silly memories cracked me up!

Bohemian said...

Great Post... love your Tiny Treasures and the great stories. And your UFO sighting... I'd tell you my conspiracy theory, but then the Men In Black might show up at my doorstep. *winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian

thekathrynwheel said...

Oh I just love a good alien / UFO story! Those lights just HAVE to be aliens! Love all your new flea Market treasures too ...

Terri Kahrs said...

LOVE those tiny treasures -- now they'll be magically transformed into tiny keepsakes!!! It's been very hot here on the East Coast too. Feels like August instead of almost mid-June.

OMG! I'll have to tell my son your story about the men in black! He'll LOVE it!!!! He can't resist a good alien story either!!!

Hope you have a happy and 'cool' weekend!!! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo