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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stories. I Got Stories.

Ingrid at Pottery Girl made me this spider pendant
which I promptly turned into a dandy necklace.

Sometimes I write little stories to go with the pieces I make.
I know it annoys some folks.
But when it's late at night
and I've been up making jewelry
I need something to while away the posting time on Etsy.
Here's the story for this one:

The mother spider was full of eggs as she lay tucked quietly into the crate full of silk ribbons. 
She was ready to spring as soon as the lid of that crate had been pried open. 
She had been planning her escape for the entire trip. She would have babies.
 Lots and lots of tiny, poisonous baby spiders. 
She heard the footsteps approaching. 
The voices. 
She heard the creaking sound of the crowbar tearing apart her crate. 
She'd be free, soon.
She readied herself to spring into the air...

Makes you want to buy this doesn't it?!!

How about Benny the skeleton skull?

Benny appeared pensive as he contemplated where his bones might have been laid. 
He was a full skeleton just days before.
 Trying to remember made his brain hurt. 
Until he remembered, he didn't HAVE a brain...

HA!  Well, late at night it seemed funny.
At the time.

I've also been making these:

BFFs don't you think??

Knock knock.
HOO's there??!!




I make up stories in my head when I create.
Do you?
This tag is based on an evil magician.

He poisoned all of his assistants.
He was never caught.
Instead of using a rabbit for the rabbit in a hat trick-
He used an owl.
The owl did things for him.
Despicable things...

Fun, huh?!

Just hangin' around.
Making stuff.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It Was A Very Good Week

Last week was a very good week. 
 It started out on Tuesday the 6th 
when I realized that I had orders in my Etsy shop
 for several sets of earrings. 
 I don't normally sell a lot on a Tuesday so I was pleasantly surprised.
  I also received this in the mail:
I'm not sure why
or even how!
I know I didn't buy them
but they are really COOL!
Clear rubber stamps that are the very kind
I would have bought for myself.
Thank you to whomever sent them to me!

I stayed up until well after midnite makin' up the earrings
that I had orders for.

I didn't give it alot of thought.
Several people had included them in some very nice treasuries.
Like this one.

That one night in October


Here's the link:

I took a good long look at it this weekend.
Holy Cow!
It made the front page!!
I had over 400 hits that day
and silly me - 
I had NO clue!

That got me all goosed up and I made jewelry all weekend.
I made these

I got out the dye
Managed to make the kitchen look like a crime scene.


Bingo Bathtub Bunny
(the spinner actually spins!)

Very Halloweeny with a little bit of "Camp."

A pendant made out of a
Madagascar Sunset Moth wing.
I rescued the butterfly from a really awful
coffee table piece from the 80's.

Soldered broken china earrings.

More creepy Halloween fun

And I finished up with a pair of blue earrings.
They look like a hurricane pattern on the front.

I guess all of the hurricane talk
just has that on my brain.
After all this jewelry making
my brain is tired!

So I finished with jewelry from Oz.

Don't make me get my flying monkeys!

Hope you have a great week too.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

You Had Me At Hell No

This is a song.  A real song!!  
John Rich and L'il John perform it on a sixpack CD 
that they made after Celebrity Apprentice. 
 It's good!

It inspired these earrings!

I also made these.
I'm selling all three together.

That way,
you can wear either
Hell No!
Hell Yes!
Yes on one ear
No on the other.

Back to finishing these:

They are going to be necklaces for right now.
Maybe earrings later.
Gotta love True Blood
John Rich!

Monday, September 5, 2011


My husband and I took the train into The City.

Everyone calls Chicago 
That distinguishes it from all of the other cities, I guess.

The train was crowded.
I sat next to a giant sunflower seed eating gerbil.
She was disguised as a woman.
For 1 and 1/2 hours
this gerbil/woman
methodically ate sunflower seeds off of an actual sunflower head
which she held in a bag on her lap.
1. Pluck seed
2. Put seed in mouth
3.Crack seed with teeth
4. Fish seed out with tongue
5.  Chew
6.Spit shell in hand
7. Deposit shell back into giant Sunflower Head bag
8. Repeat

The amazing part is that it had - rather - a rhythm to it
Not once.
Although, surprisingly enough
she was able to continue talking.
It was oddly fascinating.
And disgusting all at the same time.
Not as bad as the time I rode the train and watched a man shave.
Or, as my friend observed-
watched a man clip his toenails.
It's FUN to ride the train into

We walked to the Wrigley Building
(The building that gum built)
Yes, folks, I'm here to educate you
To see a large crowd of people

No.  Those are just skyscrapers.


Can't tell?
Wait.  I'll get you closer.

It'a a giant 26 foot statue of
Marilyn Monroe
From this scene in Seven Year Itch

I don't know why she's there.
It's Chicago!
We do things like this.
Taking wedding pictures under the 
Amazonian Marilyn is apparently
another thing we do.

We also like to set babies down next to the giant foot
stare, gawk and laugh at Marilyn's "nether regions."
Every man there HAD to stand under her dress and look up!!
It just had me and my husband laughing our heads off.
My husband refused to stand under her dress and point
so that I could get a good picture.

The artist had the good sense
to paint undies on our dear Marilyn.
I knew you'd want proof.
So, I took a picture.

She's pretty cool in a Sci-Fi sort of way.

We left there.  Found some cool beverages.
AND - decided to take the river taxi to China Town.

I took some nice photos of the river while we waited.

The river taxi drops you off at a nice little park in China Town.

We walked from there to the restaurant and had a fabulous dinner!

We ate too much.
Had a great time.
Missed our train by 1 MINUTE!
Had to wait 2 hours in the train station...
But, it was a perfect day.
A beautiful day.
Cue Bono