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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Curious Week Indeed

Did you try this?
Standing a broom on it's end to see if it would stand unsupported.

(I borrowed this picture but I linked it back to it's site)

I tried it.
Late one night.
I was home alone and trying the broom balancing act.
Hoping my neighbors weren't watching me.
Which they could've.  Everything was lit up like a Christmas tree what with the full moon and all.
But at the local post office?
They swore it worked. 
Upon walking in I was told, 
"I'll do you here in the middle."
I replied to the postal person,
"Wow.  You really ARE a full service post office!"
True story.
We had quite a laugh.
And, then the broom story started.

Snopes says it's not true.
I believe in a lot of weird things, though.
Four leaf clovers and wishing on falling stars.
Standing brooms...just could happen.
That same night I saw a shooting star.
And the aligned planets.
And the full moon.
It was one crazy week.

BTW - That kitchen picture is not my kitchen.
We know this because there is no broken glass, beads, glue or ink on the counter.
This person is probably really not very happy.
That's what I tell myself.

In my glass, bead, glue, ink covered counter I redid a necklace I made a year ago.
I was never very happy with it.
I like it now.
I think.

I'd show you the original picture but I can't find it.
Believe me.
This looks better.
I think.
I doubt myself, frequently.

I soldered some.
A lot, actually.

I found this cool piece of lace.
It looks like a shamrock worked into the lace.

And some lucky necklaces.

And a sort of motivational one.
I liked this saying.

More birds:

I hammered some letters
and made more earrings.

Southwest colors.

Pretty spring colors.

A crazy week calls for doing normal things.
It helps offset all of the nuttiness.
you find yourself
alone in the kitchen
with a broom.