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Monday, May 30, 2011


..and the living is easy.
Fields are floodin'
And the water is high.

Well, you can't tell that here.
The screen was in the way.
And from the looks of this photo
the screen needs to be cleaned.

...moving on...

Today is glorious, though.
No tornado sirens.
No flooding rains.
Just sunshine
Gotta love Chicago.
And when it's 90 degrees
and everyone is complaining,
I'll be remembering
hip deep snow in February!

I made these little guys in the last felting class.
they turned out pretty cute.
I don't think bugs were my favorite thing.
But it was fun.
It's always fun.
I think the reason it's always fun is mostly
because we stop at the local pub first.
That's not why it's fun.
It's fun to get together with a large group of women
and stick needles into things.
Sounds like voo-doo
doesn't it?
Voodoo with beer.
One problem, though.
Their antennas and wings don't want to stay on.
It probably has more to do with the beer
than my felting ability.
But I like to say
 it's my
It sounds much better than saying
"Maybe, I shouldn't have had that last beer."
I'm not much of a drinker.
Two beers can make all the difference in
if my bug's antennas fall off or not.

Speaking of summertime, I made these.
They look like watermelon slices!
Ever wanted to hang watermelons from your ears?
How about ice cream cones?
I love these.
Apparently, being stuck in the house makes
me want to make kitschy things.
Well, it is Memorial Day.
The start of summer.
Go eat some watermelon, ice cream, and
chase it all down with beer
or lemonade.

Don't forget to hang your flag.

And a big THANK YOU to all our service men and women
who made this possible!!!!

Now, ain't that America!?!
(Great video - click here for music.)

Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

100,000 Pyramid - With KATHY!

My daughter says that talking to me can be a bit like playing this game show.
Do you remember the $100,000 Pyramid show with Dick Clark?

The game show went like this-
There were categories and you had to guess what the thing was.
The example for this picture might be:
An egg
Your head
A glass window
a bank vault safe
a secret code

An the answer would be:

Something or things that you crack.

So.  I saw this story.
And I thought it was terribly interesting.
I couldn't remember what it's called.
So, the conversation goes like this:

It's fuzzy.
It's white but it usually isn't white.
It's a bird.
It kind of looks like a duck.
But it isn't a duck.
It has something to do with shoe polish. (huh?)
It's a baby bird, but there's something unusual about it.
The story was on Yahoo!!
And now, I'm frustrated.

Someone told me that as we get older we forget
What's the word?
Not to fear.
This is normal.
The things we forget, the word is,
now I had it on the tip of my tongue.


Things that are things.
Things that are not verbs.
Things that are...

Oh forget it....

But I'm not worried.
And you should read that story.

It's cute!
Whatever the heck it's called.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rolling In The Deep

rolling in the deep flowers that is. 
 This video has nothing to do with the post except that I really like it.  
I love the song but I also love the way this video looks. 
 It's great to sing full blast driving down the street.  
It helps if you can sing.  I, my friends, can not sing. 
 I sound like a walrus that is being brutalized.  It's not pretty.

The last two weeks have been strange.
I like to say "Mercury is in retrograde."
I have no idea what that means
or if it even is
but it seems to make sense to me.
So today I decided not worry if Mercury was still in retrograde
and make it a good day.
I did this:

I waved my magic wand and...


You don't have a magic wand?
Well, my, my...
And whose fault is that!?

Anyway, I waved my wand
and tidied up the front porch.

The magic wand stays in the flowers
to deter goblins.
I just made that up.
Could you tell?

I planted the teapot and gussied up the bird's nest.

The Cheshire cat and the weird little girl cup is back, too.
Nice to see them after such a dismal winter.

I filled the bird's nest with stones.
Hopefully, the birds won't try to dismantle it.
I love this old table that everything is on.
I bought it from some folks
 living in the hills in Arkansas.
True story.
Their daughter was talking about the party the night before when
everyone was 
all liquored up on moonshine.

(gin bottle charm I made)

Can't make this stuff up.
When I bought it, the guy who made it said,
"This here'n's a dang good table."
At least I think that's what he said.
He was hard to understand.

It's 25 years old
I guess it really IS a good table!

The bleeding hearts are out.
I love them!
Almost as much as my favorite

Lily of the Valley
I wish you could smell them.

You know who can smell them?

My decorative hippo.

Do you have a decorative hippo?
Do you?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Forget You!

If you follow this blog, you know I love music.
All kinds of music.
Right now,
I'm running around town
in my bright yellow VW Bug
listening to
Cee Lo
Forget You

Here it is if you've never heard it.
This is the Grammy version with Gwyneth Paltrow
and the Muppets.
Be forewarned, however.
If you Google this song
you are liable to hear the original version.
Which is not Forget You.
I don't sing that version
running around town in my
bright yellow VW bug.

I AM tempted to sing the
"not suitable for airplay version"
filling up the aforementioned vehicle
with over priced
suffice it to say that I'm really NOT
running around town too too much.
I'm doing this:

Have you ever seen Wicked?
This was inspired by the show stopping song
Defying Gravity.

Speaking of defying gravity,
I made this little butterfly necklace.

And this bracelet.

Well, the bracelet doesn't actually defy gravity.
I know this because I kept dropping it
while I was wiring it together.
The black stone is actually a cobalt blue but 
you can't tell because the sky was rather grey 
when I took the photos outside.

And I turned the Voodoo doll into a festive
wear it always (there when you need it)
I might think of using it at the gas station...

So I'm off to do laundry and other defying gravity adventures.
All the while
singing Cee Lo

"I guess the change in my pocket wasn't enough..."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My daughter writes lists. 

 Good ones. 

Do me a favor and swing by her blog

Read what she's learned in 25 years. 

 It's funny.
It's poignant.
and it's all true.

I love that kid.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Strawberries, Crab Legs, and Voodoo

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.
We did.  This past weekend was a birthday, 
an anniversary, 
and Mother's Day all in one.
 I decided to make a version of 
Strawberry Shortcake.
I made an angel food cake.

I cut up some beautiful strawberries.

I love strawberries in a white bowl.
Despite the fact I have an outdated mauve countertop,
beads, jewelry components, voodoo dolls, 
and a stained tea towel on the kitchen counter
it makes me feel like Martha.
Just for a minute.
Even though, I've heard from a very good source
that Martha does not have
Voodoo dolls on her counter top.

Let the strawberries sit and macerate
That's the word.
You can look it up.
Use it in a sentence.
Amaze your friends!
It means, "soften by soaking in liquid."
Actually all they are doing is soaking up sugar.
They weren't quite as sweet as I had hoped.

Macerating strawberries.

And here they are.
Please pay no attention to all of the 
junk sitting on the table.

We had a great dinner. 
I made everything.
Chicken, steaks, crab legs...
Well, almost not 
crab legs.

I lost them.
For about 20 minutes.
For about 20 minutes 3 adults scoured the kitchen 
looking for frozen crab legs.
You wouldn't really think 
that they would be that easy to lose, 
now would you?

I mean...

wait for it...

They can't just 


Ever notice when you lose something.  I mean, really LOSE something the conversation becomes surreal?
While looking for said crablegs 
we said things like:

Did you check the garbage?  Maybe you threw them away.
Did you look in the basement?  
How about the garage?  Do you think you put them in the garage?
Amanda.  Would you check the pantry?
Do you think you put them in with your beads?
Hey!  Did anyone check the computer room??
How about the bathroom?  Oh, you already looked there?  Good.

We found them
3 adults checked the refrigerator approximately
427 times.
They were in there.
In the cheese drawer.
...never mind...

And the voodoo dolls?
They didn't help one iota.
Not a bit.

You are wondering about these, aren't you?

Well.  Aren't you?

Hope you had a marvelous Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

High Flying Flea

The Kane County Flea Market was yesterday.
I didn't buy a lot of things but I found a couple
of unusual items for jewelry making.

This is a ginormous ball chain necklace.  
The balls on this chain are probably 8-9mm
And what would you put on your 
giant ball necklace?

You know...
I can hear you snickering out there.
Keep the giant ball jokes
to yourselves.

I put this!
I found this darling little tiny
micro-machine aeroplane.

I added a pretty blue bead and a
sparkly clear Czech bead.
This plane is about an inch in size
Now tell me.
Who wouldn't want a 
dandy aeroplane
hanging around their neck?!

I also made this bracelet.

I glued this little bee charm
on top of an old
Bakelite button.
I started wiring copper wire 
added a
Czech beads (I love those things)

A bracelet that will have bees swarming
around you all summer.


That's not exactly a selling feature is it?