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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spark Plugs and Sump Pumps

Remember that song from Bruce Springsteen?
You don't?
Me neither.

Do you know what THIS picture is?

It's this.

It's the little felted lop-eared bunny I made last night
in our felting class at the library.
Now, that was a good day.
That was fun.
That involved tacos and a cool beverage at the pub up the street
before going back to the library to make this little guy.

This?  Not so fun.
Remnants from the water in the basement
Last night the sump pump died.
It was 20 years old
It tried hard but it's little heart just gave up.
What am I saying???
I'm wet, dirty, and tired.
Actually, I'd like to kick the son-of-a-gun to the curb...
Me and my husband do not do home projects well together.
Those of you who paint your cabinets white, and strip furniture, and do fun things like roofing, sheet metal, installing drywall and all the other fun DIY projects together and
Well, God bless you.
We are not like that.
At all.

This was my best friend today.
It's the top to the wet-vac.
We have become very close.
In fact,
I think we'll be taking a cottage by the sea together.

Deep Breath.
Happy Thoughts!

Aaaaahhh...that's better.

This is the new sump-pump.
It's 1 horse power.
This son of gun will pump out the entire neighborhood!

I Googled "changing sump pump."
I found a website that said
and I quote,
"If you can change a spark plug you can change a sump pump"
Let me just say
that isn't exactly true.
At one point I thought my dear husband might be
wearing a wrench or a large PVC pipe as a hat.
I'm pretty sure he was thinking the same thing about me.

Sump pump!


sump pump-


The good news is that no divorce papers were filed.
The bad news is we are short on money this week.
The good news is I have 3 dozen eggs!
The bad news is it's a crap-shoot 
if they are hard-boiled or raw.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Can You SPOT The Difference?

We had a lovely Easter yesterday.
There was ham, potatoes, brussel sprouts
 and a wonderful chocolate-caramel tart that my daughter made.
We also dyed Easter eggs.
I love to dye Easter eggs.
we did.

Please ignore the Jack Daniels plastic cups.
They are holding egg dye and eggs.
They ARE!
We got cases of them years ago
and they have nothing to do 
with what I'm about to say.

Can you tell which of these eggs
are hard boiled
and which are raw?

I can't either.
Huge mistake.
This could be a potential problem.
That's all I'm saying.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter.
Hope all of your eggs are hard boiled.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Let's sing together
shall we?

OH, here comes Peter Cottontail.
Hopping down the bunny trail.
(well, this bunny is not hopping down any trail on account of he has no legs)

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way.

Bringin' every girl and boy

 Baskets full of Easter Joy.
(WHOA!  I never got THAT in my Easter basket full of joy.)

Things to make your Easter
Bright and Gay!
(JD and Easter would definitely make it SOMETHING! )

He's got jelly beans for Tommy
(Note to self:  Schedule a root canal for Tommy)

Colored eggs for Sister Sue.
(who happens to be a vegan and will NOT find this amusing)

There's an orchid for your Mommy.
(Mommy might prefer the Jack Daniels candy to the orchid. 
Especially if she has to deal with Crazy Aunt Martha at the dinner table!)

And, an Easter Bonnet too.
(If Mommy hits the Jack Daniels candy TOO hard 
she may be sporting a lampshade as her new Easter chapeau.)

Here comes Peter Cottontail.
(Well, that's not right.)

Hopping down the bunny trail.
(Muuuuch better.)

Hippity Hoppity
Happy Easter DAY!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


So today...instead of laundry and cleaning... I've been doing this.
Making bracelets.
Hand wiring the beads is rather addictive.
Of course, I can only do it during the day.
On account of
I'm old
I need real grown up glasses.

Instead of these that I get at Michaels
less my 40% off coupon.
But I really, really like these!!

Moving on -  today I can see
so here we go:

I found some old turquoise color beads
at the antique store
to add to the brilliant cherry red
of the Czech beads.
I love this color combination.

This one is more earthy and rustic.
I used the word organic
in my Etsy shop.
I don't really like the word organic.
I mean really.
What in heaven's name
is an organic bead?
Makes no sense!
If it makes no sense
it's NOT TRUE!
(Sorry.  I channeled Judge Judy there for a moment)

And really -
that statement isn't exactly right.
Lots of things make no sense
but they are true.
Jumbo shrimp for one. (old joke)
Actual reenactment.
Adult Children
Boneless ribs
Congressional Ethics

my personal favorite:
eschew obsfucation

I think I've strayed off the blogging path...
back to the organic bracelet.

But people seem to like that word.
So here's another picture
of my 
organic bracelet.
It has some nice Jasper, a sterling silver bead, a pottery bead,
and I'm not sure what the square bead is but I like it.
The two beads on either side are not really this bright shade of orange.
It kind of reminds me of a hot dog for some reason.
Maybe I'm just hungry.
Hold on.
I'm going to go and grab a Peep.
I'll be right back.
Talk amongst yourselves.

I love this one and I'm not really a
"pink" girl.
I found some cool old french enamel number plates
the last time we were in Chicago.
I added the number 21 to this one.
I added some rose quartz, and rhodonite
that Susan brought me back from 
the Tucson Gem Show.

I photographed it on
The Spice House catalogue
Pink Himalayan Salt.
This coincidentally was
the name of the bracelet.
I think I'm funny.
Apparently, it was lost on the 
Etsy crowd.
Not one hit
 until I changed the name.

Now it's called
Pink Bracelet No. 21
Judging by the only 3 hits I've gotten
that name isn't too popular either.
I could call it
Kosher Flake
Portugese Sea.
Neither of which sounds like a bracelet name.
But, both go with my picture.
Maybe I'll just forget it
call it a day.
Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Peep Show

It was a day like any other day.
Well, that is, if you were
I was basking in a warm and
luxurious milk bath.
surrounded by colorful bubbles
from my favorite
bath store.

I was singing along to 
The Eagles
Hotel California



an ominous shadow was cast over me.

My head grew heavy
my sight grew dim...

...Such a lovely place,
such a lovely face...


They aren't 
just for breakfast
Try 'em in hot chocolate.
They are TO DIE for!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Floating Easter

I have been really busy at work these days.
We are getting ready for a 5K run that we host.
I'll be working on that later today.
For now
I have a diversion.
Clip art in my sink.

I'll bet you are wondering 
why you are looking at my kitchen sink
with old clip art floating in it?!

(aren't these so cute?)

Because in my ADHD delirium
(note: self-diagnosed)
I decided to try to put some stuff together 
to sell on Etsy.
I have too much stuff.
While I was going through my too much stuff
I found this old scrapbook.
I thought I could soak off the clip art pictures.

I think these were glued on with mucilage.
If you don't know or remember mucilage
it was/is glue.

I'm not even sure you can still buy it.
It was an amber colored glue
in a bottle with a red rubber smeary, spreader tool at the top.
When I looked it up on Wikipedia
it says it's edible.


WE were always told that it was made from horses.

Even as a small child who ingested
more wintergreen flavored paste
than anyone should've...


Well, everyone was doing it and
it's not  the same as
sniffing glue.
We all were eating paste in 

Even I knew enough NOT to eat mucilage.

Now I've veered off the subject.
Back to clip art.

It was incredibly hard to remove the clip art from the pages.
What with the nasty mucilege glue and all.
Thank goodness for Elmer's.
Did you know it has a sour smell because it's made from milk?
We were too smart to eat Elmer's glue in school.
We were a highly intelligent bunch of kids.
Chowing down on wintergreen flavored paste instead.

I've digressed again.

I worked hard to remove the clip art from the pages.
It's a real pain in the keester.
But I managed.
What do you think?

Should I bundle some old pages from books, old clipart,
 ribbons, buttons, and what not to sell as a Destash lot?

Good idea - Bad idea.

What do you think?

I can wait while you decide.
Please ignore the Christmas clip art.
I wouldn't put that together this time of year.
I'm smarter than that
I did not eat that much glue.
Just in case you were wondering.
It probably explains
a lot about me.