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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Naked Mouse

This is a naked Minnie.

It's my daughter's naked Minnie.

My daughter is 23 and moving into her own
apartment in a month.

She is taking Minnie with her.

Minnie is also 23.

Today I'm attempting to clean Minnie up and make a lovely new dress complete with a pillbox hat.

I intend for her to look like this. You can buy this t-shirt here. I think I'll make the pillbox hat in pink felt with a spiffy flower ala Princess Lasertron.  I have to figure out/remember how to make the bloomers

Minnie has had many couture creations over the course of her life.  She's never had a chapeau.  Just bows. "This concerns me," just a little.
See you on the runway for the new Project Runway Minnie!

Hopefully, I can "make it work."

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentines, imaginariums, and mink bikinis

So - in the mail today I got this:

Clap, clap, clap for Cerri!

What a fabulous box of goodies.  It was wrapped so prettily and just look what was inside!

It was almost too pretty to open.

There is some pink mica, one of those wonderful glue sticks that smell like almonds.  They are called Coccoina glue sticks and they are marvelous!  There's a tiny little white box with buttons, some really pretty fabric, and a charming little angel.

If you go to Cerri's blog you can see a much clearer picture.  If you click on the pictures they will enlarge
and also give you a better look.

Here's everything all spread out so you can see it better.

I don't know why I thought this weird shadow thing from the door looked "arty."  In hindsight, it just looks like I was too lazy to find a good location.

oh..maybe, probably,  that's true...

This was the stupendous, splendiferous, spectacular box of valentine goodness that was sent by Elyse.

Hearts (all kinds)

Wish ticket

A vintage look valentine

K stamp (you know, a stamp with the letter K)

Buttons, pearls and bits

The valentine swap hosted by Heather at Speckled Egg was loads of fun.  Thank you Heather!!

Yesterday, my daughter and I went to see this


It is a visual treat to the senses.

It's a fairytale.

It's Heather Ledger's last movie.

Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Judd Law finished it out after Heath died.  They donated all of their money made from the film to Heath's

How can you not love that?!

The plot line is a bit choppy, but the stunning look of the film more than makes up for that.

And last but not least.

Mink bikinis.

Not minks IN bikinis.

Mink bikinis.

How many minks do you suppose it takes to make a bikini?

Try not to think about it.

Read Corrie's blog.  It's great.  All except for the mink bikinis.

That's just wrong.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Valentine Swap 2010

So, I signed up for a valentine swap that was organized by Heather at Speckled Egg.  My 3 partners were Cerri,
Rhea and Elyse.   My 3 boxes are all finished and mailed.  Swaps are a lot of fun and a good way to cheer up any winter doldrums you may have.

 We covered large matchboxes and stuffed them full of goodies.  I'd show you what was inside but I'm not actually sure that the drawer will close if I open it.  I took the term "stuffed full" quite literally, you see.

This one was covered with vintage wallpaper, ribbons, flowers and  vintage jewelry.  The color is much prettier than this picture is showing here.  That's what happens when there is NO SUN!!!  (I'm a little crabby about the no sun thing.  Sorry...)

This box is covered with some really pretty vintage giftwrap.  It also has vintage flowers and ribbons plus a framed picture of a  little girl.

This box is covered in a pale, pale pink paper with more vintage "bits and bobs" attached.  Feathers, old crocheted pieces, a fairy button and Cinderella's shoe.

This swap was a lot of fun.

Now I'm going to take down my Christmas trees.


You heard right.

I know.... I know...
Don't tell anyone. Okay?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Enough Red Gummed Labels to Last

I went to two great estate sales on Friday.

I found a lovely selection of "bits and bobs" as my English friend calls these types of things.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.  You can see how pretty that pearl encrusted piece is.

I found some pretty handkerchiefs.  The bottom one is quite sparkly.  You can never have too many handkerchiefs.  Well, I suppose you could in a Grey Gardens kind of way.

I found a great selection of twill tape, seam binding, and old lace.

Then we went to sale number two.  A small town northeast of where we live.  Apparently, the person whose home was having the estate sale was a former pharmacist.  He had loads of old bottles half full of elixers and various scary liquids.  I learned from Beth that old, possibly potent chemicals in bottles probably shouldn't be messed with.  I didn't buy any of those.

I did buy this.  It smells like heaven.
You thought it would smell bad, didn't you?
I thought at the very least it would be very, very strong.
Not so much.  It's quite pleasant actually.
I haven't the slightest idea what to do with it.
Did you notice the red gummed label that was hand typed?
I love red gummed labels.
Perhaps I was denied red gummed labels as a small child.
Perhaps, there was some fabulous toy I had that has a wonderful, yet vague memory of red gummed labels attached to it.      
I do not know why, but I love red gummed labels.

Actually, I bought an entire box full.  It had some other spiffy things in it as well.


Red gummed labels come in all sizes.  I love that!

The box also contained these itty bitty round cardboard boxes.  I think they were made to hold pills.  They stack together quite nicely. I could affix teeny tiny red gummed labels to them, I suppose.
I don't really know what to do with all of those darn red gummed labels.
I guess I didn't realize that there were quite so many...
When I figure it out, I'll post something.
Stay tuned.
Meanwhile, if there's ever a red gummed label shortage, you'll know where to come.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flights of Fancy

I'm looking forward to the new Alice In Wonderland movie that is coming out in March. I saw the trailer this weekend.

 I actually made this little bit of "reverie" with the Mad Hatter sometime ago.  You can see it much better if you click on it to enlarge it.