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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fun With Photography and Micky Mouse Jazz Hands

I got up, well, not terribly early this morning.
I made these earrings.
Then, of course, 
I needed to photograph these earrings.
Since I don't yet own a light box
and I was relying on the
not-so-great Chicago Morning Grey light
and I needed props to pop the color
I improvised.
First I tried
this Alice card I made.

This became like a surreal version of
Where's Waldo.
Not good.

Nothing says cool and funky like a

perhaps, not.

Then I found
Mickey Mouse
Jazz Hands !
(Technically it's only one hand)
I popped it into an empty wine bottle.
Which, I'd like to point out,
was not my breakfast this morning.
Back to the MM Jazz hand
It cracked me up!
This is too darn funny!
I took MM Jazz Hand outside
and unceremoniously plopped it in the snow.
This just makes me smile.

Next, I thought I'd add some class.



To a plastic rubberized Mickey Mouse Jazz Hand.

I popped it into a crystal candlestick holder.
This screams
famous la-te-da store
where they sell things in a 
pretty blue box
don't you think?
Maybe not.

This kind of looks like
a trailer pic
from a cheezy horror film
Attack of the 50 Foot Earring Wearing


THE END (ear shattering applause)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Help Me Rhonda

All Summer In A Day is the title of a Ray Bradbury short story.  
Stealing from my daughter's blog who stole this line from The Princess Bride, 
Let me explain
There is too much.
Let me sum up!
A short story that takes place on another planet 
where it rains all the time and is grey and gloomy.
The sun comes out for two hours
every seven years.
Last Saturday.
The sun came out.
And I made earrings.
My husband said,
"Kathy, do you want to..."
Before he could finish
I said,
"I must go outside in the sun
to photograph these!
Before it's too late.
Before it gets away from me.
I don't have much time."
Why does everything look better
in a rustic setting?
And before you knew it.
The sun starting slowly fading away.
I got a few last shots off.
Loaded up my old horse, Tex.
Saddled up
and headed off into the sunset.
Truth is-
I just walked in the back door.
It was a sad memory by the next morning.
I stood in the rain the following day
and took these pictures.

And now?
It's threatening snow.
More snow.
Help me Rhonda...

***Blatant advertising to follow***
All of these earrings
are available
in my Etsy shop.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Waiting For Spring

It's been warm here.  Two weeks ago you might remember was the
 "End of the World As We Know It - Snowstorm." 
 Then it turned warm.  Seemingly, overnight the snow melted.  
The sun came out and Lordy, Lordy,
 I can actually SEE to craft!!
I don't  remember this being an issue
 when I was younger.
Here's what I've been making.
This is sort of blah.
I started it when it was grey and dreary out.
I think I was feeling the same
judging by the total lack of color.
This may be a "work in progress."
These came out pretty well.
I went ahead and listed them in my Etsy shop.
Trying to get the sun to cooperate.
Those teal blue glass Czech beads
are absolutely gorgeous.
I just impress myself all to bits.
I love this photo.
Good thing the neighbors didn't see me
in the backyard in my jammies 
taking this shot.
I guess, in retrospect I should've raked up the leaves last fall...

And this is my favorite thing:

Do you know what it is?
It's a genuine Leprechaun nest!
Also in my Etsy shop.

I'm hoping to catch a Leprechaun.
You get 3 wishes you know, if you do.
What would you wish for?

Friday, February 11, 2011

If I Had A Hammer

I'd hammer in the morning.
I'd hammer in the evening.
All over this la-and.

I wanted to hammer words
into metal for jewelry.

This is my first attempt.
It says Hop
You can't really tell.
It sort of looks
like it says Mop.
But trust me.
It does indeed
say Hop.

But, Kathy.  Why does it say Hop? you ask.
Because instead of purchasing this:
A steel bench block for hammering.
I jury rigged this:

And used this:

Which caused that band-aid
on my finger in picture #2 above.
Nailed myself.
It hurt.
I'm not gonna lie.
That's why it says
instead of
When everything heals
I HOPE to try again.
Now, on to more pleasant news.
My dear friend and neighbor
went to Tucson
to the Tucson Gem Show.
She brought me back these:

and these

And these

Oh, and these.
These are called Labradorite.
Not much to look at.

Kind of dull and grey.
But look at them when the light hits
just right.
See that blue flash?!
Cool, huh?!
I love it!

I am so amazed by these.
Something so plain and drab looking.
But has a gorgeous flash 
of fleeting blue
if you're lucky enough to catch it 
just right
in the sun.
It's almost mystical.
I looked up the stones mystical meaning:

Labradorite is a power stone, allowing you to see through illusions and determine the actual form of your dreams and goals. It is excellent for strengthening intuitions.

Apparently my stones are broken
my intuition was not strengthened at all.

I sure didn't see that hammer coming!

If you are in the market for a lovely necklace
with a charm that reads 


I'll make it for you.
Really, really cheap.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winter Wool and Happy Sheep

(Digital art by Lorie Davison at

The home of happy sheep!
The lady who comes to our library to teach us needle felting
raises the sheep from which the wool comes.
I envision them living like this.
I know they are happy sheep 
because she is the sweetest person
and tells us all about her sheep's
goings ons.

Needle felting is simply stretching out the wool
over the foam block
and jabbing it up and down with
those L shaped hooked needles
that you see above.
It's relatively easy.
Unless you stab yourself.
But if you don't injure yourself
you can end up with some pretty things.
I made this the other night.
I just sort of "winged" it.
No pattern.
Just keep shaping and stabbing the wool.
This is the back side.
I just formed the leaves
all the while jabbing the needle up and down.
To attach it to the flower you do the same
jabbing/stabbing motion.
It appears to be a menacing hobby
considering the wool comes from
such docile creatures.
YOU know I like sharp objects 
with my crafts.
And, the outcome is worth it.
Be sure you have your band-aids handy.
By the way
there was no blood-letting with this project.
I knew you were wondering about that.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Hate - NO - I HEART Winter!

Borrowing from Jimmy Buffett's song 
Breathe In Breathe Out, Move On

And it snowed
It was nothing really new.
And it blew...
We'd seen all that before

But we had never seen anything like this!
We had an all out blizzard.
We had 50 mile an hour winds.
We had thunder snow.
We had it all,  baby!
And we woke up to see this sight:

There's a truck behind that snow.
And it's a BIG truck!

Things to be thankful for:
I have a friend and co-worker
whose husband owns a truck
a snow plow.
I am extremely thankful
for them!
I am thankful that he showed up.
I am thankful that my husband
 made it home from work
all safe and sound.
I am thankful that the storm is over.

I just LOVE winter.
And if you believe that
let me just say
It's a good thing
you can't read my lips.