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Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Was Abducted By Aliens

Well, not really.  But Golly Molly it has been ages since I've posted anything.
I've been knee deep in work and my Etsy shoppe.  
In fact, I've neglected many things.
This photo should explain it all.

This -
This is my Christmas wreath.
I felt in honor of Memorial Day I should actually
remove it from the front of the house.
I waited until early this morning.
I was afraid the neighbors might be watching
all come out to cheer.
This is how behind I am.
You all should be receiving my Christmas cards
any day now.

Remember these guys?

I was recently contacted by a woman to see if I still had them.
She says a friend of hers that is a Buddhist monk would like to have them.
Apparently, they are used in 
 Buddhism to contemplate on the impermanence of existence.
So, now we know the rest of the story.
If you don't remember the original story

What I've been making for

I've always got some sort of 
Wizard of Oz piece in the making.

This is my hot air balloon meets steampunk.
A little Jules Verne, I like to think.
The cloud bead is the coolest thing.
It's slightly iridescent and was the inspiration for this necklace.

And yet another steampunk oddity:

This piece has a little of everything.
A miniaturization experiment gone wrong.

Alice 2.0.
Millie the rabbit has replaced the White rabbit.

At last she was home.
Haven't we all felt like this at one time or another?

This went to a girl who wore it to a May wedding.
Very vintage.  I admit, I almost didn't sell it.
I may make another...

Insect Buddies!

I love the aurora borealis look of these.

I love this color combination.

And my favorite.
Bottle Necklaces.
This one's for Snow White.
"Lips as red as blood.
Hair as black as night"
The bottle is filled with "snow."
It sold right away.
I need to make another one.
THIS is coming soon!

And I can not wait!
(click on the picture to see the trailer)

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.
At the rate I'm going I'll be back again.
Labor Day!!