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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mail Call!

Not MALE Call.
No, no, no.


As in

I've been getting lots of mail.

I won two giveaways in
the Fanciful Twist's Tea Party
on June 25th.
Can this really be the end of July?
What happened to JULY?!
This Alice Sachet smells like heaven!
It smells like lavender
 but doesn't that 
smell like heaven?!
made it.
Thank you, Betty!!

This is a fun blog party.
You can still visit here if you like.

Isn't this hat marvelous?!!
This was from Wendy over at
Thank you Wendy!!

I also participated in Karla's Bird Song tag swap.
Karla's tag swaps are
hugely popular (as my friend Susan says)
and just way too much fun!
Here is the tag book I received.
I've created links if you click on the picture.

Seahorse Ranch

 Morrison Mercantile

Karen  (no blog)


Thank you Miss Karla!!  This has to be TONS of work but I always enjoy them.

I'm off to get a hair cut and color.
Maybe I'll surprise the Mr.
and have it done red
 like the lady in the pirate book.
I'm sure I'll look just like her.
I'll let you know. (wink, wink)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Fortnight of Carnage

It's been two weeks!
Holy Cow.  How'd that happen?
I could tell you.
then, I'd have to kill ya.

No.  That's not quite right.
You'd want to kill me.
No one really likes to hear
about another person's ailments.
And believe you me,
I could drone on
and on
and on.
You wouldn't like it.

It all started with an innocent enough
root canal.
The dreaded word.
They aren't so bad.
I've had a few.

But this one-
Well, it left me looking like this:

Suffice it to say,
It wasn't pretty.

But I got caught up on my Etsy shop.

Watched my tomatoes grow.

Made some fun jewelry

Recreated some vintage jewelry.

Asked a lot of questions following statements from the dentist
like this one:

Dentist:  No.  You cannot drink an entire bottle of whiskey before the procedure.

Me:  Why Not?

I took fine art
and turned it into
campy earrings.
Does doing this make my jewelry
"fine art?"


I didn't think so.

I saw this!

I cried at the end.
For a lot of reasons.
It was sad.
And my Advil wore off.

And I made these.
The earrings are called
"It's Raining Men."
Do you remember that song.
Here it is if you don't.
CLICK here.

It makes me smile.
I like it better than
Rene Magritte's title

My daughter says she thinks the song is creepy.
"Think of the carnage," she says.
I watched the video.
It is kind of creepy.
She's right!!

it still makes me smile.


He had no idea
what he hath wrought.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


It's pretty toasty outside today, Kids.
So, I'm doing things inside.
One of our library pages is leaving this week.
I made her this book:

Here's the inside.
You write down 50 things you want to do.
Cross them off as you complete them
and continue adding so that
you always have a list of 50 things.
I was doing this for our college library pages
long before the "Bucket List" movie.
It's the same concept.

If I had been thinking I'd have taken pictures as I went along.
You could be reading a tutorial right now.
As it is,
Your own best guess on how to do this is good.
That's pretty much what I did.
I am a "fly by the seat of my pants" kind of girl.
I knew you'd want to know that.

I also made her these:

Gwyneth Paltrow wore a pair similar to these
on the Grammy Awards this year.
And yes.
The bag of Sally Rand feathers is still out.
I'm not taking up fan dancing,
but thanks for asking.

I also was doing research on
the green flash phenomenon.

Are you familiar with this?
When the sun goes down
just sometimes
there's a bright green flash right before it 
disappears on the horizon.
I've never seen one.
I've always wanted to.
But it inspired me to make a bracelet.

I'm really happy with it.
It's all sunset oranges and yellows
with a little Caribbean blue thrown in for effect.
It is of course, sitting in my Etsy shop
as we speak.

The green flash beads are flashier in real life.
But then again,
aren't we all?!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sally Rand The Amazing Fan Dancer

You are probably asking yourself
"Why am I looking at this?"
Well, dear friends,
I'll tell you.

I was working on some tags for 
So, far, I've made 4 out of the 7 needed.

I felt they were lacking something.
But what?
I decided to change it up 
and work on some different tags.
Tags, that have nothing to do with song birds.
And,  I made these:

By the way.
I love this one.
Click on the picture to enlarge it.
Read the ticket on the bottom left hand side.
Cracked myself up 
putting this one together.

Then this one caught my eye.

I focused on...

 This torn ticket!
And if you think anything else 
you should probably get your mind out of the gutter.

The Folly Theatre
Kansas City, Missouri

Sally Rand the famous fan dancer came all the way from Chicago
to Kansas City to perform her amazing fan dance.
Much to the delight of the Kansas City
male audience.
Notice the lovely, classical music that is playing.
Sally Rand did not have a stripper pole!

Why I am able to remember this infamous fact
and could not remember that my dentist appointment 
was for NEXT Friday instead of today...
well, I don't have an answer for that.


growing up in Kansas City I heard this story
and it popped right back into my brain
for some much needed inspiration.

It made me think of feathers!
And I finished the tags you see here.


The Nesting Instinct

On A Wing And A Prayer

The Birdman of Alcatraz As A Youth

The Cat That Swallowed The Canary

All thanks to Sally Rand's inspiration.

I'm sure she inspired a lot of other things!
In her day.
Just saying.

But for me, 
she inspired these tags.
I guess inspiration can come from just about anywhere!

(Tags include art from Tumblefish Studio and Tangie Baxter)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Max Picks A Winner

I bought blueberries yesterday.
I adore blueberries.  I thought I'd have some
for breakfast.
I got up this morning and wandered into the kitchen.

What are you doing???
What happened to your fur?

Ugh.  I don't feel very good.
I think ate too many blueberries.
And it's not fur.
It's wool.
You made me.

Yeah, yeah.  Right.
Do rabbits eat blueberries?

This one does.

How many did you eat?

about 40.
40's right.

I have a great idea.
I need a random number generator
for the Tea Party prize winner.

You are the random number generator!
40 it is.

The winner of the Tea Party prize is


Alisa said
:) That Max made me chuckle! Thanks for having me!

Alice in Wonderland's Cheshire Cat - We're ALL Mad with  Vintage Teapot Charm

I need your contact info
and I'll send this off to you, 
Missy Alisa!

How long are you going to 
perpetuate the myth
that I'm a live rabbit?

Oh, hush, Max.
Just go with me on this one.