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Monday, January 31, 2011

An Abundance of Cheese and a Preposterance of Fools

So, while waiting for the End of The World As We Know It snowstorm
 I'm talking with my daughter online.

I'm taking a class on attracting abundance into your life.
I'm going to learn how to become 
an abundance magnet.
My daughter says to be careful.  
What exactly are you attracting abundantly into your life? she asks.
You could be attracting stinky cheese.
An abundance of stinky cheese is not something anyone wants.

Unless you are opening a cheese shop.
Then we started talking about opening a cheese shop.

The next thing I know we are calling my class
The Cheese Abundance Class.

I take my class on February 8th.
I'm a little worried.
As you know...
The Cheese Stands Alone!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blood Red

I had a friend years ago that described her perfect shade of quilting red 
as "blood red."
It always made me shudder 
just slightly.
But this necklace?
It's just that color.
And kind of creepy.
And rather disturbing 
that it actually came from
 the same brain
that made

I see so many crafters/artists
out there 
who have a distinct 
My vision is more
shall we say
I mean, honestly.
One necklace looks like it came out of
(which by the way I've never read or seen)

The other looks
old and vintagey.
(which spell check tells me is not a word)
Together they look kind of cool.
For those of you
in touch with your inner vampire
I have these both up

(on a side note:  the upper left hand corner of my blog
is now counting down the days until spring)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Winner and A Little Bit of Pixie Dust

Last night there was some magic afoot.
Yesterday had been a very long day.
A few of life's foibles had gotten
in the way of my grand plan for
the drawing giveaway.
I managed to get the names cut-out.
I had everything
ready to go
for the drawing.
I was using my favorite
Peter Pan
tin bank.
I put all of the names inside.
One by one.
I shook the can this way and that way.
I shook it up really well.
Then the phone rang.
I had to run up to the library
and hook the computers back up.
We had new counter-tops put in
and everything was disassembled.
When I came home
I had forgotten to finish the 
My brain can be fuddy-duddy like that.

Little did I know...

That fairies
had intervened.
You see, they were
tired of waiting.
Tired of waiting on me.

I woke up Saturday morning
to this!
One lone piece of paper on the doily
NOTHING was in the tin bank!

I turned the piece of paper over
very s-l-o-w-l-y


the winner is

(the fairies are doin' some dancing, NOW!)

Cameron, please email me your address.
Unless you're afraid I might show up unannounced
with broken glass and a soldering iron
toting a large box of band-aids.
I would understand.

Congratulations, Missy Cameron!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Impromptu Love Potion

That is.
I get
the most
odd-ball ideas
for necklaces.
I took a tiny bottle
Made it scuzzy inside
on purpose.
Not like the
vintage perfume 
Made a vintage looking label.
that's as far as I got with
Love Potion #9.
Tomorrow is another day.
Ooooh.  That sounds like
the title of a romance novel.
Another Day!
(With Fabio's hair blowing in the breeze)
oops - back to the task at hand.
This is just a little pile of things
I put together to take pictures of.
I went to another felting class last night.
We made these.
We wet felted wool balls
and made bracelets.

There's just no way
to put a bunch of middle-aged women
in a room with warm soapy water
making felt balls
and keep the conversation 
quiet and reserved.
Not happening.
And that's all 
I'm going to say
about that.
This is my favorite.
I needle felted this 
when I had my wisdom tooth out.
I guess the logic there was
since I was already in pain
stabbing myself with sharp and pointy objects
couldn't feel that bad, now could it?
I put a pretty Czech bead at the top.
I beaded an impromptu design
on the body of the heart.
Don't you just love the word
It means,
"I have no clue what I'm doing."
New word of the day.
Used in a sentence.
You're  welcome.

Don't forget about the giveaway.
Leave a comment on this post.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Husband's Birthday Giveaway

So, I'm in the kitchen messing around with egg dye
Thinking about a blog post
my husband's birthday
next week.
And I think about starting with:
Done that.
How about,

Repurposed from the
Christmas Tree Dye episode.
I'm cutting this vintage ribbon
that I bought last summer.
 Thinking about a blog post.
Thinking about all of you 
nice folks out there in
Thinking that I never dreamed
anyone would ever read
my crazy, schizophrenic ramblings.
I wanted to do something
as a
thank you.

It hits me!

Well not exactly.
I was disappointed that the blue ribbon
actually dyed very, very pale.

the epiphany came.


How about this?
A Valentine Kit
with some extra surprises 
thrown in.

Here we go:

Vintage Doilies.

2 sheets of Valentine tissue paper.

Vintage pages torn from 
several French books
including a portion
of a Paris map.

More paper.
Handmade paper.
Metallic Red paper.
All Valentine shades from
light pink to dark red.

Vintage valentines
vintage looking valentines.
All of the ribbon
that I just 
finished dyeing.

 and there'll be more treasures.
If you've stayed with me
this long
here's the 
important part.
On this post.
That's it!
I just added this
vintage millinery flower, too.

In fact, I'll be adding more surprises
 all week to the envelope.
It's a BIG envelope, too!!
Reply here.
I'll draw the winner on
Friday, January 21st.

What does this have to do
with Mr. Spectacular Mess' birthday you ask?

It's a few less craft things of mine
that he has to look at, find in his butter,
trip over, step on, move out of the way...
Trust me.
He'll love it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Love Shack - Bay-bee

Remember this song?  
You don't? 
This was going through my mind while I was
making some Valentine's Day goodies
for my Etsy Shop.
Now that I'm actually listening to it
I suddenly remember.
It's a little annoying.  
It was inspiration for this
which I actually made before Christmas.
It seemed appropriate for the 
upcoming Valentine's Day.

The original Love Shack Necklace.
Your very own
Tin Roof Love Shack
located at
(are you ready for this?)
53 Lover's Lane Drive!!

I also whipped up this bit o'fun.
I cut up old romance novels.
This one was actually
Romancing The Stone.
Like the movie.
And yes.
That is
the one,
the only,
I Can't Believe It's Not....(you know the rest)
(and the crowd goes crazy)
Not into Fabio?
Me either.
Yet, there he is gracing the cover
of this romance novel.
Romance novels.
I had to stand in line
at the Goodwill
with an armload 
of these babies.
Trying the entire time
to look like
I had no idea
what I was holding.

"Romance novels?  Wow!
How did THOSE get 
in my arms?"

And I cut up those pages and made this:
Don't you want to know
what it says?

It does NOT say
It says...

Here it is with ribbons.

Or, I suppose you could make one that says
Kick Me.