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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Littlest Dragon

The young dragon snuffled quietly.
Thin trails of smoke curled silently upwards over his head.

He looked at his mother with sad eyes.
One lone tear trickled down his little dragon snout.
"But...but..  I don't want to eat the villagers, "
he sniffed.  
He wiped the tear away 
with his scaly green arm
and sighed.

"It's okay," 
said his mother.
"You don't have to."

We're vegetarians.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gales of November

 That's where the title to this post came from.
It's grey and gloomy outside.
But it is November.
Almost Thanksgiving.
And that means...
Almost CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!

That's right.
I've been working on Christmas!


Holly Jolly.

Have yourself a merry little...

What is this you ask?
Well, dear readers, I'll tell you.
It's a bribe.
I said it.

If you spend $20.00 or more in my Etsy Shop
I'm going to add a free pair of earrings.
While supplies last.
These are unsold earrings from my Etsy shop.
This is a 
clean out my earring closet freebie.
Some of these earrings are from another season.

Some are "seconds" but really perfectly fine.

You may specify which pair you'd like to have.
If they are still available they are yours with your order.
Or..we can leave it as a surprise.
A fun surprise.
Not a nasty surprise,


And we all know
Like it or not

May as well accept it.
Cold feet.
Blowing snow.
Cold cars.
Snow shovels.

I guess it's kind of pretty.
At least  around Christmas.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank Fall

Thanksgiving is right around the corner.
I've been very busy with the Etsy shop.
I am very thankful for that.
I've met some of the most amazing people.
I haven't really met them.
You  know.
Not in person.

I've met them through the various kinds of jewelry that I've made.
I make cheap jewelry.
Nothing expensive.
No Gold.
No. Platinum
Just Fun.
Cheap Jewelry For Classy Broads.
That was going to be my tagline.
My daughter gave me "that" look.
So I don't call it that.
Not out loud anyway.

Repurposed vintage.
I called these
Iron Butterfly.

I've found people like to wear their hearts
 or at least
their words on their ears.

My favorite the White Rabbit is still popular.

He's also in Steampunk.
I love Steampunk.  It's so much fun to build a necklace.

Heaven knows I have waaay too many little
bits and bobs of things.

Vintage Christmas items.
It's that time of year.
I know this because it's crammed down my throat with the
force of ten
Steven Spielberg

But, really, it's still Fall.

And almost time to
Give Thanks.


Eat Turkey.

Because in a few short weeks -

Santa Claus Necklace -  BELIEVE - Soldered Vintage Santa With Festive Red Beads

He's coming.
And all the madness that ensues with Christmas.
Is on it's way.

Enjoy the quiet while you can!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Number NINE...

And the winner is Number NINE!!  Yay!!  Number Nine.

Tell number nine what she has won, Bill!

Right, Kathy.
Number nine has won an all expense paid trip
for the
Bingston Monkey Boys!!
(yaaaaay...and the crowd goes crazy)

The Bingston Monkey Boys 
will be bringing their unique brand of
Tibetan humor
to the home of








Email me your address please.

The boys need (kneed?) to come SEE you...

( I randomly assigned numbers to everyone that wanted to be part of this drawing.  
Then I used the Random Number Selector and randomly wrote this post. )

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monkeys(?) and A Gruesome Giveaway

I'm running behind.  Will do the drawing Monday night.  You have one more day, kids!! 

Here's the story:

Several years ago I was wandering through our local flea market. 
 I came upon a gentleman selling beads. 
More often than not you see the same sellers at our flea market.
Especially, the bigger ones that set up stands.
I had never seen this man before.

 He had quite a spread.  It was all laid out on a large table full of bead trays.
 The seller claimed to be from Tibet. 
Judging by his accent, his appearance and his small stature I tended to believe him.
 He was selling a vast array of some amazing beads.

 I purchased these two skulls.
They are beads.
They are 2 inches and quite large.
 As he was wrapping them up he said,
 "Those are hand carved monk knees." 
Thinking he had said monkeys I just smiled. 
They didn't look like monkeys but I wasn't going to argue.

He persisted. "Monks carve their bones into intricate objects 
when one of them has passed on. 
Those beads are carved from monk knees."

 I don't know that this is true. 
They are definitely bone.

And, I have to say
they look like knees.
I try not to think about it.
Toothsome, even.

 That's all I can tell you.

It does make an interesting story. 

And, by the way. I've never seen this man at the flea market since.

Here's what we're doing.
Leave a comment about 
The Bingston Monkey Boys
I have to call them SOMETHING.

Leave a comment and I'll pull a name Sunday night.

October 23rd.
I want these bad boys
out of my house.
They can come visit
at YOURS!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I've Been To Oz, With the Gypsies!

I was abducted.
The Flying Monkeys!!

No. Not really.
But, Oz has been busy.

The wicked witch, Elphaba,  AND the flying monkeys
have kept me busy.
Turns out that she's actually a GOOD witch.

At least to me. (wink, wink) 

And, the flying monkeys?
They are really just misunderstood.
Yes, they are!

They aren't cowardly like the lion
but truly are just as sweet.

I've been staying up late making jewelry.
And it appears
(whispered)  I may be a tad "touched."

I've been sifting through books and books
hunting for words.  
Special words.

I have lots and lots of
SO much blood.
Which doesn't seem to lend itself to Christmas jewelry.

That's another good word.
People like gypsies.
True story:
We were always warned about them
They'd show up in the lower fields
on my grandfather's farm in the summer.
We weren't allowed to play down there
when the gypsies were in town.

If we were caught going down to the lower field
we were threatened with a spanking.
I always thought secretly
"at least the gypsies wouldn't spank us."
I wasn't afraid of no gypsy!

These are nice gypsies.

I made this gypsy necklace.
Then someone asked nicely
so I made another.
The gypsies it turns out
aren't so scary either.

Want to see something really scary?

These are really, really large beads
honestly, they kind of freak me out.
I put them for sale in my Etsy shop.
But, I think they freak out other folks, too.
If they don't sell by the end of the weekend
Stay tuned.
I'll tell you the story.
And it won't be two weeks later!
I'll be sharing the story  this coming week.

We'll have a give-a-way.
That is if you
want their
in YOUR house.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just Stampin' Away

I love Etsy.
I have met some of the greatest people
since opening my little shop.

Remember when I said that someone had mailed me this?
Well it turns out that she was one of my Etsy customers
who just happens to work for one of the largest stamping companies around.
She sent it to me thinking that it could make some cool jewelry.
I was so surprised! And, thrilled.
I have been having a blast.
You use those stamps

This crazy stuff stamps on everything.
I did!
This is glass.
I haven't decided what to do with this, yet.
I was just tickled to death that it didn't smear.
I have actually never used StazOn before.
I had it in my suitcase of ink.
You don't store your ink in a suitcase?
I store TONS of stuff in suitcases.
Back to the ink...
Which means I purchased it at some point.
Some sort of project in mind, no doubt.
And there it sat

I stamped this silver disc.
First I lightly sanded the disc.
Then I stamped it.
But, I don't own any of those little acrylic blocks
I did it using this.
I used the plastic lid of another stamp pad!
I didn't have the acrylic block.
Turns out -
It doesn't matter!  
Didn't need it.
This worked
like a charm.
Speaking of charms,
I stamped this beat up piece of copper that I had.

Then I took the stamped bits
and made jewelry.



The spider is my favorite
I took out some hostilities
on a square piece of copper.
Stamped it with the new stamps
I ended up with this.
It's very cool.
Stamps and metal.
It's a good thing.
(sorry, Martha)