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Friday, June 24, 2011

Where's Alice?

It's the day of Vanessa's Fanciful Twist Tea Party!!
Tea party plans had been made.
Max the Bunny and I went on a search for Alice.

Max asked the stone white rabbit
on the front porch if he'd seen Alice.
He just remained stoic.
And silent.
Max thinks he's a snob.

She doesn't appear to be in this pot
said Max.
Of course not, I said.
That would just be ridiculous.
And besides.
Alice in pot sounds so 70's.

Do you think she's in chains somewhere?
said Max.

Alice in Chains.
Very funny, Max.
Says I.

I'll look in here.
It smells awful.

If she's in here she's sure gonna smell ripe.

That's not a very nice thing to say, Max.

What about here?  At least she won't stink
 if she's been in the flowers,
said Max.

Keen insight, Max
says I.

You gonna help 
or are you just going to stand there
making astute observations?

Let's ask the Hedgehogs.
Say, you fellows seen Alice?
No. huh?
Well, you keep munching on those bugs 
and thanks for the offer but we've already eaten.
C'mon Max.
Let's get out of here.

Excuse me.
Have you seen Alice?
Well, you certainly are invited to the party anyway.
Just follow us.

Howdy-Do Mr. Cheshire Cat.
Want to join the

Where'd he GO?!
That's creepy.

Well, let's get this party started.
Alice or no Alice.

Out of the cup, Max.

And where was Alice after all of that?
Why in Paris, of course.
She went to see the Eiffel Tower.

And bring back macarons!

For reading all the way through
I'm having a give-away.
I'll pick a winner
for this necklace:
Alice in Wonderland's Cheshire Cat - We're ALL Mad with  Vintage Teapot Charm

One week from today
July 2!

Am I entirely mad?
I'm afraid so.
You are entirely bonkers.
But, I'll tell you a story.
All the best people are.


Cameron said...

Call me bonkers then! Alice in Chains *shaking head* are so funny says I :)

Thanks for having me :D

Italian Postcards said...

I would say, a spectaular success :)

apinkdreamer said...

amazing party!!!! thanks so much for inviting me!!

Sara said...

a great post, love the bunny. Hugs Sara

Terri said...

Kathy, your tea party post is fanciful and delightful! How fab that Alice is in Paris! Yay for her! And what a beautiful necklace giveaway! Wow! It would be so fun to wear : )

BLISS angels said...

I had a wonderful in your wonderland.. bunnie was charming... the treats.. so good... yes please! I like to enter your giveaway

Hugs wendy
please pop over, bring bunnie...

Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...

What a fun party! Thanks for letting me stay awhile.

Pixie said...

That Max! Adorable and cheeky all in one. Thanks for inviting me to your party.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

He, he, I'm glad we found Alice! I enjoyed the adventure and the macaroons! Thank you for the opportunity to win the pretty necklace. Have a magical day! Twyla

Robin said...

So sorry I am late
For this important date.
But you're the seventh stop on my list

With too little time
I'm leaving this rhyme
For I'm adamant about wanting to persist.

All this running about
Has left me dry in the mouth.
Might I have a cup of tea

Those delicious macaroons
And your lovely necklace
Are so tempting to me

Oh my, the time
It goes so fast
I must be on my way

But fear not friend
I shall return
Please……Have a beautiful day.

Linda Diane said...

Oh, I do like that Max. He is a funny bunny. Oh, the colorful treats look wondrous! I'll have 5. Make that 10. : D I love the giveaway necklace!

Harriet said...

Oh! How delightful the tea party was to attend. I do so love Max helping you about here and there to find Alice.She has traveled to a wonderful place to pick up macaroons for I hear Paris has the most wonderful Patisserie.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I am drooling over that necklace! Thank you for having me, and I hope you have a wonderfully mad day!

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

I have enjoyed your party very much!
Happy UnBirthday to You !

Teresa said...

How pretty your party is! I love the the critters.

Kathy said...

so cute, this is a sweet post...and the rabbit tail? adorbs....

see mary stamp said...

Alice in Chains. LOL. I love your stories and enjoyed your tea party greatly.

Melanie Statnick said...

Great Party, I love all the little things!

kluless said...

Inspired post - loved it!! Alice in chains - har-de-har-har! I would wear that necklace with pride.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!


fairiemoon said...

So cute. Love the felted bunny and the photo of Alice looking at the Eiffel Tower.

Have a mad party!
Erin :)

Sylvia Smiser said...

What a wonderful adventure! I'm so glad we found Alice. I was becoming a bit concerned. : )
Thank you for having me over.
I do hope you will also visit me
Sylvia : )

Anonymous said...

OMG those treats look wild and fantastic. How generous of you to offer a fabulous prize. There will be one very lucky guest.

I have a little party of my own and gifts for all of my guests. I do hope you can stop by.

Follow this direct link:

Have a sweet day!
Kathryn, Collage Diva

Shell said...

Max is adorable!! Love the Hedgehogs and the macaroons. A sweet party.

Buccaneers and Ball Gowns said...

Whoa! Where did that Cheshire Cat go? He is a tricky one!

Maria-Thérèse said...

eeeheeeeheeee! funniest ever! :D

Tea Party at the Red Queen's blog: ♥

Fair Rosamund said...

He he, I so enjoyed my adventures here with that mischeivous Max! Thank you so much for inviting me, and I would love to be entered to win that gorgeous necklace :) ~Laure

Róisín said...

You are indeed bonkers my friend! The idea of you doing and Arnie impression had me in stiches even before I came over here, and then THAT! Too cool for school. 'Max thinks he's a snob', I was already sold on that :) Brilliant stuff! Hope you're enjoying the party!

Roisin x

Sarah said...

Great party with you and Max the irreverent rabbit!

Pabkins said...

Adorable! And giveaways make all this even more fun! Thanks for being a sport!

Take a trip to my party for my fungal plushie giveaway!

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Very cute party! Max is Mr. Comedian Bunny! Thank Alice for me for bringing back the macarons!! Miam!

Please visit with me when you have a moment!:

Wishing you a Happy Mad Tea Party Weekend!


Kelly said...

Your little felt bunny is so sweet! I would follow him on an adventure any day!

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

Oh that Alice! Isn't she a sweetie to go to all that trouble for us. What a thoughtful and insightful girl. I've never tasted one of those fancy cookies yet I see pictures of them everywhere it seems. Well now I have tasted of the fruit as the saying goes and I am good to go now. Thank you for the magical time at your place. *smiles* Norma

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Such a fun little party! Thanks for inviting me. Those macarons look SO tasty!!!! Love all their pretty colors, too.

Hope you'll pop on over for a visit with me!

Thank you again for a lovely time...enjoy all the festivities!

Aurelia said...

Lol I love your story! Really fun party you have going on here and those macarons! Now I'm hungry hehe.

I'm also taking part in the Mad Tea Party blog hop and hope that you'll visit my party to have some fun there too :)

Sylvia Smiser said...

Hi, I accidentally left a wrong blog address. Here is the correct one
Thank you,

Tina said...

Hee hee...I love that Alice went to Paris for macaroons....the little necklace is delightful x

A Magical Whimsy said...

What a lovely place for Alice to Paris.
Please be sure to stop by my blog for more Mad Tea Party happenings. I am having three giveaways so don't miss out!
Teresa in CA

The Weekend Artist said...

Cute little party! Would love some of those macaroons! Thanks for hosting..sorry was late9The time difference caught up with me)! Do come visit my tea party as well=)

Alisa said...

:) That Max made me chuckle! Thanks for having me!

Karin said...

What an adventure!

AlphaBetsy said...

It was nice of Alice to go to Paris to get macarons for the party. :) They are lovely as was the tea party.



Jorgelina said...

What a fun party!
I love your story!Hugs

Elizabeth said...

Oh, Max is such a character! Great dialogue here, I laughed out loud!! "Get out of the cup, Max." Love your 'mad' sense of humor, so glad to have been invited here... :-)

Stampinmama said...

A very mad tea party indeed:)
Loved The Alice in Pot--can you tell I'm a child of the 70's--LOL
The hedgehogs were my favorite--thanks for inviting me--come by my place

spiceblogger said...

What colorful macaroons from Paris! Thanks, Alice! ;)

Thank you for the lovely party. Let the fun continue....

A Fanciful Life said...

Oh my gosh. I LOVE that little bunny! All too cute (could I have one of those macaroons that Alice brought back? They look so tasty!).

Sharon :-)

rachelsmith133 said...

Ahhh Max is so cute. Such a fun tea party, thank you so much.

Please pop over to mine as well

Anonymous said...

You are so much fuN!!! hahaheheheee!! I loved my visit to your magical Wonderland! Alice in paris!! The nerve ;) hahahaaaa!! Loved it! Then again, Alice knows where the best chocolate croissants are!! ;)

Love, A Fanciful Twist

ps: all of your little characters are adorbale!

Danni said...

Such a wonderful and magical to-do, thank you for inviting me over to share your tea and enchantment! I loved Max's adventures and whoever wins your necklace will be super lucky, keeping my fingers crossed that it may be me!

Though I’m running tardy, I hope you’ll come visit my party!

Scrap Vamp said...

I love your bunny statue and those treats look wonderful! Thanks so much for inviting me to this enchanting tea party! I had a lot of fun! I hope you will visit my tea party as well!

Que Bella said...

What a enchantingly mad tea party! I loved the cast of characters... all so cute! Thanks so much for sharing, Michelle

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

So adorable! I love that bunny! I'm a bunny lover and have lots of different kinds ~ not like this though! Love the teacup and the rest of your characters, too.

Tricia said...

Loved your party... did Alice go to Paris in April... and hopefully not in chains... So funny! I also ADORE your necklace, particularly in light of my party, please take a peak and you'll understand why!
I will only say that I believe we might be out of the cat nip tea...
Furry blessings,
Tricia aka Aunt Thelma of the many kitties

Hunnybee said...
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Hunnybee said...

Max the bunny is the cutest! And the macaroons look amazing! Would love to win that necklace, it's precious! Thanks for sharing your party!

Have a great day! Hunnybee

Susan said...

Awesomely adorable! I love Max...and Alice in chains :) Thanks for the invite to your party. Please do come to mine, I have a giveaway also.

Joyce van der Lely said...

What a gorgeous party, I am in love with the felted rabbit and macaroons, ooooh, yum !!!!!
I know I am a little late in visiting, but I am so happy I did ! Please come visit my party too ?!


Kristal said...

So sorry I am running late to your party. I have been following that crazy white rabbit and he has no idea of the concept of time!!

Your party was sweetness indeed. Thanks so much for inviting me!!!


My party:

58 Cherries said...

So cute! I love your woolly rabbit and the French macarons, of course! If you haven't already, please be sure to stop by my party, too! Another giveaway!


Anonymous said...

Your bunny is so cute, i love your necklace also

kathy said...

Great charm!!