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Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Ridiculously Wonderful Day

It was a beautiful day,
the sun beat down
... we were driving.
It was a great day for shopping
Barn sale, antiques, garage sale, and a ladies lunch.
I didn't take any pictures, though.
Except for this wreath.
We loved it!
We want to make one like it!
I bought this candle.
Actually, I think we all bought this candle.
I love anything with a clock on it, you know.
This is the top.
Isn't this great?!
It's scented vanilla and smells like heaven!
My husband bought me this for my birthday.
It used to hold microscope slides.
I just love it.
He has great taste.
He knows JUST what I LOVE!
The problem is...
He didn't know he bought it for me
until I showed it to him,
and kissed him,
and told him, "Thank you I just adore it!"
He's funny like that.
Now for the arts and crafts portion of this post.
I made more of these flowers.
Unfortunately, I was using
a scented candle to melt the edges of the fabric.
Scented candle + noxious fabric fumes = Not a good idea.
No wonder I kept using my asthma inhaler.
Ventilation or an unscented candle
would have been 
a better idea.
I tinkered with this photo in Photoshop.
Again, trying to be arty.
Working on more necklaces.
Backside of the bluebird necklace.
Broken china plate and a necklace for a blogger friend.
More busted plate jewelry.

Time spent with friends 
is a wonderful day!


Cher' Shots said...

Love it all. Your husband sounds like mine :) He surprises me sometimes too without even knowing it. Aren't they wonderful!
I have a question - do you soder around your necklace glass or is it a foil or what??

Cameron said...

Fun, fun! Love the candle...vanilla is one of my faves!

Great birthday present, too! Your Hubby sure loves you...heehee :)

Terri Kahrs said...

What an awesome present!!! Your husband is definitely "a keeper"!!! And I love that wreath too . . . . and your candle . . . . and your pendants!!! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

Susan said...

It sure was a fun fun day. Loved the lunch and the barn sale. Mostly I loved all that visiting in front of that gate!! Thanks Susan

Rita said...

Hi Kathy,
my favorite is the bird necklace great work. Ciao Rita mammabellarte