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Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Before E - Except in Budweiser

So...I'm still working on things for the upcoming craft show.  I made more necklaces and I'm not sure how thrilled I am with them.  I love little houses.  I thought these bits from Tim Holtz's Idea-Ology would make good roofs.
And they DID!

 I made
 the Love Shack.  
I have it displayed on a wine bottle. 
 Love Shack.  Wine Bottle.  Get it?? 
I just amuse the heck out of myself some days. 
 It's pretty kitschy, though.  
Hence, the naming The LURVE Shack (said with attitude)
Then I made this.
It's not right.
The jingle bell is too big.
The red and green just ain't natural.
I put it away.
I got it out this morning. 
 Laughed myself silly at how ridiculous it looked.
Then I changed it up.
To this:
Smaller bells.
Smaller dangly bit.
I'm still not sure that I just love it.
My daughter says it's "almost."
Then because I have alcohol ink still out on the counter
I did this:
This was a hideous gold color. 
 It was part of a crazy pair of earrings that I somehow acquired.
I covered it in alcohol ink.
That stuff sticks to anything with a hard surface.
You can recolor anything metal.
It's great fun!
I added this piece to it.
And these pieces.
These things look like snails.
They are busted bits of jewelry.
I ended up with this:
I think it's kind of spiffy.  
The ultimate in recycling.
Or bad taste.
If I pop open that bottle of wine,
it may start to look better.


Prior said...

Katy, I think these are great, really don't sell yourself short. THEY ARE GREAT! I think the little bit you added to the second ones roof, really balanced it off. I love them! Lezlee

Createology said...

Your creative eye is really working well. I love your little houses. The recycled heart is perfect. Happy creating...

indozine said...

very good!
keep it up n_n!

Cameron said... cute! I've been into houses, too! Did a whole mixed media neighborhood recently and would love to do more!

You are so creative...would never thought of making house pendants...they are great! The redo is much better, I agree :)

Your recycled heart makes me want to send you all my jewelry bit s and pieces...I think they could finally be put to good use in your capable hands :)

fairyrocks said...

You make me LOL. Thanks
I liked the shack both ways...but I do
understand that size matters ;o)

Terri Kahrs said...

I think your new creation is lovely!!! And I adore those soldered pendants!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Into Vintage said...

Wow - you're making some crazy beautiful pieces. I am in lurve with the houses. And that's not the wine talking.

Suz said...

Two great pieces!