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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Believe In Kissing - Kissing A Lot

Hello!  My name is Kathy and I'm addicted to soldering. 
I'm practicing for the 12 step program
 I'll need to be attending soon.
Here's what I've been making.
I need to figure out how to add the jump ring
to these stones with a little more finesse.
It's real junky looking.
Back of...

I've been making teeny, tiny 1 inch collages.
I add some favorite quotes...
This quote is one of my favorites!
I think this says it all.
Kiss a lot, today!
Just don't kiss any frogs.


Suz said...

Those are just charming. My name is Suz and I am trying to learn to solder better so I won't be embarrassed at a class with Sally Jean, the Solder Queen! i am also making a copper bracelet and I have heard there is a copper finish for solder...and it looks like you have found it. Beautiful! I am working on this necklace for a swap and it is a Southwest repurposed necklace. Since I can't use silver and gold (the rules) I am using copper. I will go look for this finish, since I am going to an appropriate store today...but if I don't find it, I may write and ask you for your help. Beautiful work, Kathy. I want to be in your group. Alas, I am addicted to other things...soldering continues to scare me!

Cameron said...

Hi Kathy!

I love what you're doing....I say keep it up! I was also hoping that I could buy or trade you for that kissing pendant?! You see, my little brother just celebrated his 1st wedding anniversary on Oct., needless to say, there is still A LOT of kissing going on with them (they're not shy) plus before they were married, he got a tattoo of a keyhole over his heart and she a key on her wrist....this just seems too perfect to pass up asking :)

I paint and bead and make cards, etc....but I have not attempted this art yet....maybe there is something of mine you like? Thanks for the consideration! And keep on making wonderful little inspiring pieces!


Terri Kahrs said...

Your sweet charms are adorable, but I LOVE your "sayings"!!! I, for one, am happy that you're a soldering addict!!! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

Carousel Dreams said...

These are just so gorgeous! Thankyou for sharing x

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Hi Kathy, how did you get the charms to have the copper color in the finish??

Createology said...

These are wonderful. I have never soldered but can understand how addicting it can get. Happy creating...

Susan said...

Before you sell them all...remember who quenches your thirst on Fridays.I love them all so save me one!

CherShots said...

Your baubles are as cute as can be. Very clever.
I'm glad you enjoyed my "apple tree" story. Its true!

Michelle Palmer said...

These are the dearest little masterpieces!
Your quotes are perfect, too~
Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

Rebecca said...

Hi Kathy!!!
Love your charms and you are getting so good at soldering!!!
Miss you gals!
Workshops will be posted shortly :)

Anonymous said...

I adore these. I have been told soldering is not difficult, but making it look flawless takes talent. I will get to trying my hand some day. You look like you have talent.