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Sunday, June 6, 2010

You Can't Have Everything. Where Would You Put It?

And it rained.

It was nothing really new. And it blew.  We'd seen all that before.
 And it poured...
(from Jimmy Buffett's Breathe In, Breath Out, Move On)

The flea market is this weekend.

But -

The rain stopped.  Wellllll...sort of.
Not to be deterred by weather I put on my waterproof sandals.

The ones that make my Hobbit feet look even more Hobbit like.
Or,  more like Barney Rubble feet.
If I paint my toenails, it makes the Barney Rubble feet look like Barney is in touch with his feminine side.
I usually ignore this and paint them anyway.

This was supposed to be a flea market post and not ramblings about my weird podiatry issues.

Off I go to the flea market.  I didn't think I found much until I started taking pictures.
I bought this:

A stamped gift bag and stamped muslin ribbon.  I know I could make these, but they are so inexpensive that I don't need to.

Millinery flowers.

A birds nest (not a real one - surprise), a hot water valve, some beads, Bingo pieces, and a pretty zinc? pitcher.  I have a plan involving the pitcher, a stick and the bird's nest.  I'll show you when it's finished.
What's the red plastic thing you ask?
It's this.  My dad calls it a coin purse and keeps it in his pocket.  These are getting harder to find.

Dice for a friend who collects dice.

A glass dish with a silver plate bottom.  I used it to carry these little game pieces around.  Then I decided that I like them in this dish.  So, there they'll stay.

A bird's nest.  (I think I am developing an obsession.) 
 A watering can with tools
And a pocket watch.  
None of these items are worth much but that doesn't matter to me.  The fact that most of this stuff is junk?  That SHOULD matter to me.  But, it doesn't.  I am  understanding the people on Hoarders.  Really, I am.  I'm this close to that show.  It scares me.  Not enough to stop.  Can anyone define the word addiction for me?  I'm pretty sure if you look it up in the dictionary it says, "See Kathy's house."  Then it says, "But, don't go in."

I bought these plates.  I plant them in the garden with the flowers.  I really like the way it looks.  Plus, it's a nice colorful addition.  Of course, if you forget to bring them in before it snows it's also a nice colorful addition with their merry little faces peeking out of the snow, silently cursing me under their breath.  That sounded just this side of nuts didn't it?

But - Here's how it looks!
See!  It looks really nice!!  I saw this a long time ago in someone's garden and because I never have a single original thought in my head, I "borrowed" the idea.  I subscribe to the theory that nothing is original.  It's all variations on a theme...and it's all related to Shakespeare.

Don't try to keep up with my thoughts.
I'm randomly obtuse today.
Enjoy your Sunday.

2 comments: said...

I feel your feet woes. I call mine Freds, as in Fred Flinstone. Trouble is, I have stubby Barny Rubble legs to go with them.

Into Vintage said...

I'm not sure if you qualify as a full-fledged hoarder just yet - I didn't see any shopping bags full of clothes with the tags still on, oversized stuffed animals or boxes of banks statements from the 1960s.

If I had to guess, I'd say you're hoarder lite.