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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer In A Bowl

I found this when I went to the June flea market.

We were getting ready to leave on Sunday.

It was late.

Everyone was closing up.

My friend spotted this.

It was completely out of my budget.

The man selling it was packing up his van.

He let me have it - well, for a song..

The cover art is extraordinary.

There's a few interesting pieces inside, but I bought
it strictly for the cover.

When I was


Susan's making

organza flowers

I brought it with me

to  show her.

I  accidentally left it at her house.

She returned it to me later that evening.


cherries that her son had picked

off of a tree where he works.  I added them to the cherries I already had setting out on the counter.


Summer in a bowl.


summer laying around

on a

wrinkled vintage tea towel.

That doesn't have

the same "ring"

to it, does it?


Into Vintage said...

What wrinkles? All I see is that embroidered cottage. Of course, I wear vintage linen goggles at all times. -amy

Susan said...

You keep the cherries but I want that tea towel!