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Thursday, June 10, 2010

What I made

Susan's birthday was last week.  I made her this:
Put together with the flea market finds that I bought last weekend.
Then, I put this together for her:
The pictures are drawn in ink on fabric by Michelle Palmer.  Please take a look at her blog.  She's an amazing artist and I love everything that she's been doing.  I bought this set of three drawings.  Michelle included the feather and a handful of some sweet clip art.  Susan was very happy with it, I think!


Cher' Shots said...

Wow, how clever! I love it. I'm sure you touched Susan's heart with your creativity and thoughtfulness. :)

Prior said...

I love both! Lezlee

Susan said...

I loved both things you made for me.You are very talented.Thank you for being such a lovely friend.Let's both quit are days jobs and do crafts all day.
P.S. You go first!

marie said...

I love the piece you did with Michelle's art work. I have several of her pieces ~ what a great idea for displayingthem. They look great on the musical background!
I was reading Susan's blog and discovered you. The two of you make me laugh!!