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Monday, June 14, 2010

Ain't It Good To Know That You've Got A Friend

I had the opportunity to see these two
in their Troubadour tour a few weeks

They sang all my favorites!  

It was broadcast on PBS a week ago.

I "taped" it on our DVR and watched it this weekend.

I felt the earth move!


Sunday I did NOT feel the earth move.
Actually, the earth had moved all over my kitchen floor.  
We've had a lot of rain.
I proceeded to clean the floor..
While scrubbing in the pantry 

I spotted my beads.

I haven't played with these 




Next thing I know I'm smack dab in the middle of the floor, doing this:
It surely must be a form of OCD, or Dyslexia, or some form of -

It's pure laziness on my part, but honestly I am so easily distracted!
Besides, the floor -
it's not going anywhere now is it?

Then while folding up a bit of organza my daughter had given me, I got the idea to try to make these:
I called my neighbor Susan to see if she'd be interested in a craft afternoon.  She has an addictive personality when it comes to crafts.  I can sway her to stop anything she might be doing if I offer to share a new craft with her.   I'm glad that I have much, MUCH better self control than she does (she says looking at the kitchen floor.)  I also stole the picture she took.  Her hands are the lovely manicured hands.  My hands are the chubby "earth" hands.
Next thing I know,

we're doing this.

I realize that it looks like

some sort 



goat sacrifice.

Let me assure you, that no goats were harmed.  In fact, there isn't a goat within at least 1.25  miles of here.
Well, we are out in a rural area.  There ARE goats.  Just not sacrificial goats.
I've strayed off of the blog post again, haven't I?
We made these!!

Lots, and lots of these.


we looked at 

each other


"What do we DO with 'em?"

Not knowing WHAT to do with them, we did what any self-respecting
crafts person would do.

We made more.





And she probably has



of organza flowers!


Susan said...

Well aren't you just a crazy caring crafty comic!!! Ok I admit it, I did make a few more. The question still is...what in the h--- are we going to do with them?

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

You are sooo funny! I'm glad you have a partner in crime to be distracted with! Love the flowers! said...

Any true artist never knows when to stop!