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Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's curtains. CURTAINS, I tell you!!

Shakespeare said, "As goes Iowa so goes northern Illinois."  
He didn't say that?  Are you sure?
Well - he should have.  Iowa had nasty storms.  So did we.
Susan calls and says, "Look out your window.  You have a tree down."
I look out my window and see this tree.  Business as usual.
"No!  Step out your back door and look around the blue spruce."
Actually, it looked much worse.  It was laying in Susan's yard over our busted fence. 
Susan helped me drag it back into our yard.  Susan is like that.  
Susan is also about 1/100th the size of this tree.
So my first thought is, "Geez.  Someone's going to have to cut this baby into pieces.'
My second thought was, "Hey!  I can make something with this!"

Like this!  
I have this hanging over the dining room window.  Instead of curtains.
I originally had Christmas things hanging off of it, but I liked it so well
I decided to keep it up year round.
It has all kinds of birds, old postcards, ribbons, etc. etc. etc. hanging from it.
Maybe, I'll chop up that tree and hang it over another window in my house.
Last night in between storms my daughter came over after work.
She works with the public.
Sometimes, the public drives her nuts.
She called me and said,
 "Can I come over? I want to talk with someone normal for a change."
I didn't have the heart to tell her.
Well, would you?


Rebecca said...

Hi Kath
Oh my, did you lose the whole tree? That big cotton wood tree in our back yard gives me a worry when we get 70 mph winds. It dropped a large limb through our roof once already. But I had to laugh... only you would look at that tree and say "oh I can make something out of it!" You crack me up!
Many Blessings

Susan said...

Kathy.......hey I am the one who "helped" you drag that huge thing back into your couldn't have offered me one little twig?? (I'll give you a call when I run out of ice for my back and need some.) just kidding!!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Too funny! (About your daughter, not the storms)Why not make opportunity out of adversity? Very cute window treatment.