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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


... in the dark of the night
when the scary thoughts come

Sometimes when you are laying
 face down on hot pavement
 feeling foolish and broken...

Sometimes when you feel all alone,
Friends are there.

They bring you  fresh berries.
They help with your pain.
They offer solace in a pub over tacos and beer.
They call  and send  emails concerned about your well being.
They stop in  to see how you really are.

And sometimes
the world is just a little brighter,

and softer, 
and gentler.
And that concrete wasn't so hard after all.


Cameron said...

These are the times you find out who is really stickin with you...and who's just using you for your mad felting skills...haha :)

So happy you're smile never was broken! said...

Are you sure that face down on the pavement didn't come AFTER the pub?