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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Need For Beads AND A Coupon!

I opened up my pantry.
It used to contain food.
Since my daughter moved out,
and my husband works nights,
I don't cook.
from this photo I also 
don't clean my pantry.
I also house
toxic compounds
next to food.
But now that I think about it,
those crackers have been there so long
I think they've become
their own
toxic compound.
So, it's ok.
Good grief!
There's car wax in there!
Don't ask.
What I did find in there
too many beads.
I put them in a measuring cup.
They measure
one full cup.
Except I added more.
Now it's probably more like 2 cups.
These are really cool.
I never could figure out what to do with them.
They are glass and at least 10 years old.
Same with these lampwork beads.
See that freckle on my middle finger?
Isn't that weird?
It's always bugged me.
I figure if I was ever in a CSI episode
it would be my one distinguishing characteristic.
That, and my dental records.
If you have all of your teeth pulled,
how do they identify you??
These are things I think about late at night
when the television is off...
These were from my moon and star phase.

Want 'em?
The whole lot can be yours for Ten bucks.
I've also set up a coupon for blog readers.
Gets you 20% off anything in the shop.
I'll leave the coupon up until June 30th.
Go crazy.
Go to the flea market like I'm going to do!
Have a delightful Saturday!!


Cameron said...

Seeing your cupboard made me laugh....and feel so good that I'm not the only one who favors crafting over cooking and cleaning....oh, and has crafting supplies we totally forgot we had...haha!

Thanks for the coupon...if I can't flea...maybe I can click instead ;P

Cher' Shots said...

You have to admit that once your start looking it almost becomes a treasure hunt! lol Have fun!
'hugs from afar'

Terri Kahrs said...

OMG! Omg! You're like my 'twin' when it comes to cupboards!!! My son always kids me about going into the 'time capsule' to pull something out. The last time he was in there, we laughed over spices still in bottles and tins, old dried up white shoe polish, and a couple of other goodies. They don't make some of the stuff that I have on my shelves any more!!! fHugs, Terri xoxoxo

Sharon said...

We must be triplets, Terri . you and I!!! I keep buying beans, must be a Dr. Oz thing. My son says mom that's quite an arsenal you are building there. LOL