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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Princess And The Frog

Once upon a time,
a beautiful, intelligent, self assured princess
wandering through the royal gardens
happened upon a frog.

The frog looked up at the princess and said,
I was once a handsome prince until an evil witch put a spell on me.
She turned me into the frog you see before you.
The frog prince hung his head and sighed.

One kiss from you and I will turn
back into a prince!

Then we can marry!
We'll move back into my castle with my mom!!
You can prepare my meals, bear my children, clean up after me,
launder my clothes, nurse my hangovers, maintain my golf clubs,
and forever feel happy doing so!

That night 
while the princess dined on frog legs
she kept laughing and saying
"I don't think so!"

The End.

Thank you for everyone's well wishes.
It was appreciated.


Kathy said...

Such a good post and pictures...lovely frog. And this cup, hysterical. Honestly...good giggle this morning.

Cameron said...

You are a hoot, Funny Lady! You make me all warm and fuzzy inside :)

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Love that story! Oh my your little frog is too cute! Hugs to you Kath!

Suz said...

Ha ha! Another really good one. Great pictures, too. Such fun!

shari said...

that was a GREAT fairie tale!!! made me laugh out loud! beautiful felting...

Karla of Dreamaginarius said...

hahah this was a funny cute story.. I am glad Alice was a very modern one! thanks for the laugh :D