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Friday, July 1, 2011

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned.

I love making jewelry
Actually, I love making anything.

And I love taking the pictures 
for my Etsy shop.
I had forgotten how much I loved
taking pictures.

I took photography in high school
Years ago.
Waaaaay before Gaga, and Timberlake, and CeeLo...

( I love the way the jewelry looks against the old handwritten letters)

After I graduated highschool
the photography teacher was kind enough
to let me continue coming in
 to use the darkroom.
Because of a teacher strike
school was in session for another month.
I loved experimenting in that old darkroom.
I loved the way it felt with the cozy darkness of that little red light bulb.
(It's the only light you can have in a dark room)
 I didn't even mind that sour chemical smell.
That is until...

The day I experimented with
Sepia toning.
Today we do it with a click of the mouse.
Back in the day to get the photo to go
from this

To the soft antique look you see above.
you had to dip the photo into several
chemical solution baths.

I didn't do it correctly.


Because when that chemically treated paper
hit that solution,
the stench that rolled out of that darkroom
 into the art room
was palatable.
And sickening.
 It was lunch time and everyone was gone.
Except me.
I ran out of that room,
coughing, wheezing, and gasping for air.
I headed for the ladies restroom.
When I returned to tell the art teacher
what I had done
 they were evacuating the entire third floor of the building.
The rumor was that someone 
had deliberately set off
And THAT person
was in big, big trouble.
When and if they were ever found.

And instead of explaining myself, I chickened out.
I went downstairs with the rest of the class.
Hopped in my little green VW Bug.
drove away.
I slunk away like the coward I am.

I went back the next day. It was all cleared out by then.
I never told a single person.
Until now.
It's good for the soul.


Into Vintage said...

Gotta love that internet-as-confessional thing. :-) Hope you're feeling better now that it's out there. Maybe it'll go viral!

Your jewelry is lovely as always -- you must have the patience of a saint to work with those tiny pieces. I would have them rolling around all over the house by now. Happy 4th!

BLISS angels said...

Don't worry Kathy I will not tell...promise!

Cameron said...

That's kinda funny, actually! We all have those hidden in the corners of our soul stories....
...I'm not ready to tell yet...haha!

You've been busy! Look at all those gorgeous creations! I really love that butterfly wing pendant! That one really caught my eye :)

Now, I can call you "the Bomb"...haha! It means you're cool, y'know!

Have a fantastic weekend!
Love ya much,

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Hello Dear Kathy!
Well, I'm thinking you must have done the right thing confessing because I have a surprise for you! You have won the giveaway from my Mad Tea Party!!! Please e-mail me at with your address so I can make up a nice package to send you!! Here's the post where I have just announced it:

I hope this makes you feel even better!!


Kim Mailhot said...

Love this story. Do you feel like a weight is off your heart now ? You should. That's what comes when we forgive ourselves ! ;)

Gorgeous earrings and jewelry ! My fav is the pendant with the butterfly wing !
Have a holiday weekend !