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Monday, May 30, 2011


..and the living is easy.
Fields are floodin'
And the water is high.

Well, you can't tell that here.
The screen was in the way.
And from the looks of this photo
the screen needs to be cleaned.

...moving on...

Today is glorious, though.
No tornado sirens.
No flooding rains.
Just sunshine
Gotta love Chicago.
And when it's 90 degrees
and everyone is complaining,
I'll be remembering
hip deep snow in February!

I made these little guys in the last felting class.
they turned out pretty cute.
I don't think bugs were my favorite thing.
But it was fun.
It's always fun.
I think the reason it's always fun is mostly
because we stop at the local pub first.
That's not why it's fun.
It's fun to get together with a large group of women
and stick needles into things.
Sounds like voo-doo
doesn't it?
Voodoo with beer.
One problem, though.
Their antennas and wings don't want to stay on.
It probably has more to do with the beer
than my felting ability.
But I like to say
 it's my
It sounds much better than saying
"Maybe, I shouldn't have had that last beer."
I'm not much of a drinker.
Two beers can make all the difference in
if my bug's antennas fall off or not.

Speaking of summertime, I made these.
They look like watermelon slices!
Ever wanted to hang watermelons from your ears?
How about ice cream cones?
I love these.
Apparently, being stuck in the house makes
me want to make kitschy things.
Well, it is Memorial Day.
The start of summer.
Go eat some watermelon, ice cream, and
chase it all down with beer
or lemonade.

Don't forget to hang your flag.

And a big THANK YOU to all our service men and women
who made this possible!!!!

Now, ain't that America!?!
(Great video - click here for music.)

Happy Memorial Day!


Cameron said...

Haha! Now we know the truth about those felting classes and what it really means when you leave the house saying, "I'll be at the library" ;P

Those bugs are cute, but, yes....not my favorite thing you've done with a needle :)
What will your group be making next?

Love the Summery earrings, Kath....the ice cream ones are "cool"....sorry, couldn't help it :D

Look at all those trees in your neighborhood! So green and pretty! What a gorgeous sight!

Have a great Memorial Day, Darlin'

Terri Kahrs said...

OMG! You ALWAYS make me chuckle and laugh out loud! I've learned NOT to drink my coffee while reading your posts. Yup! It's 90 here in northern NJ too. We hopped right from winter to summer. Thank goodness for air conditioning!!! LOL!!! (The snow memory isn't that far away!!!)

Love the 'bugs'!!! Maybe that's the ticket to creativity . . . beer!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxox

Suz said...

You are so funny! Thanks for giving me a good laugh tonight!!1