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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Nesting Instinct

What is it about winter
 and the days following Christmas
 that make us want to
hunker down,
 put on warm socks,
 and melt into the couch with a cup of hot tea?
We want to clean up the mess.
Get order in our lives.
Ever notice
 that this is when the white sales 
container sales start?
It's not a coincidence.
After all of the craziness that comes 
with Christmas,
it's time to rest.
Settle in for a long winter's nap as they say.
Spring will come.
Just not soon.
I put this together with Michelle Palmer's
amazing drawings for a friend of mine.
If you haven't visited her Etsy shop
It's here:  

Put another log on the fire.
Fix a hot toddy 
and grab a good book.
Book or Nook.
Your choice.
But settle into your nest
for a spell.


Susan said...

Put that cup of tea down and get those closets cleaned out...and get it done by New Years Eve. We can rest later...I've had alot of coffee today and I'm on a roll. TeeHee Susan

fairyrocks said...

I was with Susan till I burned out about 20 minutes ago, but we did get through about 1/2 the kitchen cupboards, Baking and spice was the worst and they are done!! Recycled tons of plastic
Wahooo. Maybe some more tomorrow.
Then we will rest :0)

Lynda said...

I feel ya. I'm exhausted and I am two seconds away from making some hot tea myself. My biggest accomplishment today was putting the stockings in the bright red & green container. That will just have to do for now :) I love that nest by the way!

Createology said...

Wise words and definitely time to rest. Love how you have framed Michelle Palmer's fabulous drawings. Happy week to you...

Suz said...

Those are charming nests and I love the pictures. Now I am curious about Michelle Palmer!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I wish Susan would come to my house for a purging session. I love nothing more than pajama days but then feel guilty for not getting much done except the settling in and nesting bit. :) Those nest charms are so pretty as are the collages with Michelle's beautiful drawings. Best wishes for the New Year. Tammy said...

I know just what you mean. I want to take down the tree, clean up the house and get on with life. But we are taking a trip, so I get to come back to dusty Christmas decor next week. I'll really be itching to get that tree down then!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

I feel it in my bones next year is going to be wonderful!! Did you say container sales!!!! I am a sucker for organizing stuff