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Saturday, November 13, 2010

I'm Ver-Vera Tired...

A co-worker from New Orleans says,
"I'm ver-vera tired"
when she is in fact very, very tired.
Remember people used to say, "I'm sick and tired of... (fill in the blank) ?

That is me, today.
Well, I am literally, sick AND
ver-vera tired.
While making the necklaces for the craft show
I hung them on this
Trompe L'Oeil chair that I have.
It looked pretty nifty, if I do say so myself.
I made over 50 necklaces.
The china plate necklaces didn't sell as well.
Neither did the tags.
Funny what people decide they want
don't want.

I have some of these left.
Here's the backside of the kissing keys.
I like that description.
Kissing Keys.
See the top right hand side quote?
Do you know what that is from?
Neither did anyone at the craft show.
It's from Gone With The Wind.
I thought everyone knew that.
Obviously not.
I think it means I'm old.
Darn it.

This is what I see out my kitchen window.
Well, not exactly.
I "dogged" it up some in Photoshop
with a free texture from Kim Klassen.
The craft show is over.
Fall is on it's way out, now.
Winter is coming.
I'm sick and tired.
Stay tuned.
I'm going to have a give-away for a necklace.


jenclair said...

Lots of eye candy here, but I especially like the "kissing keys" and the GWTW quote!

Terri Kahrs said...

LOVE all of those necklaces! And, to be totally honest, that quote from Rhett Butler makes my heart beat just a little faster every time I hear it. It's one of my fave's from the movie (which happens to be one of my favorites of all time). Hope you have a super weekend! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Createology said...

You have earned a rest and a good cup of tea with honey and a bowl of homemade chicken soup! Your kissing keys are super fun. Shows are exhausting and glad you made it through. Enjoy your weekend...

AlphaBetsy said...

Wow... beautiful pieces. I would have bought one of the china necklaces. :)

Feel better soon.

Róisín said...

Aw, hope you're feeling perkier soon missus. I know what you mean about this time of year, it can get a bit depressing at times. On a brighter note, your necklesses are as wonderful as ever! I'm sure you'll have none left as Christmas approaches and people go into gift-buying overdrive :)

Diane said...

Oh my--I loved ALL of this post, and it's funny how everyone wants the same thing and then next time, they won't even give it a glance.

~mel said...

Your necklaces are beautiful ~ they'll sell ... I used to do craft shows too and it is amazing how one time you can't keep enough of something on hand ~ and the next ... nothing ... but you take it out another time and place and it sells like hotcakes.

I just read your prior post on Frank. Now I want a guinea pig!!! Frank's a cutie!! My cousin had a guinea pig years and years ago named Thumper that looked just like Frank.