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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Case of the Butterglass Shards

She knew the way to do it.
She had thought it through.
She had consulted experts, even.
And a few unscrupulous men
who would do it for a few pennies
or for their own amusement.
She had even purchased the tools.

She was attempting to cut her own glass.
In her kitchen.
Not realizing two things.
that cut, broken glass is very sharp.
that the butter dish was
close to her...

As she scored the glass
per the instructions,
then grasped the scored piece of glass
with the pliers and
snapped thusly -
two things happened.
Broken shards flew into the butter.

And -
she needed to locate
the box of

1 inch wide for extra coverage.
That should do it.
Glass cutting 101.
If at first you don't succeed,
try, try again.
Then give-up.
There's no sense in being a fool about it.

I've been cutting up teacups and plates
for a while now.
Making jewelry with
nary a bloodstain to be had.
Glass, well,
glass is
I'm still practicing.
This song comes to mind.
I'm going to go bake more cookies


Cher' Shots said...

Oh no! Hope it was a minor cut and didn't really require the E.R. Yes glass can be tricky.
Loved this post!

Anonymous said...

As the mice in Cinderella would say - "be cafee".

Into Vintage said...

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your injury and the insult to that injury is the loss of the butter.

Susan said...

Can't you just sit in a chair and knit or something??

Rebecca said...

Oh dear, hope it wasn't to serious. Maybe you should use the bevels that you can buy.

Róisín said...

Dear god Kathy, I'm surprised you've any fingers left at all! First soldering and now glass cutting, you're a braver woman than I am! I remember once thinking I'd be all creative and put our empty wine bottles to some use by making a mosaic. I didn't even try and 'cut' the glass, kinda just smashed it up, and boy did I regret it! I can't even imagine what it would've been like if I actually had some proper equipment. I probably wouldn't be able to type this to you now, that's for sure! On the upside, cut glass is sooooo beautiful. It'll be well worth it in the end. And as for the butter, I remember there used to be a really dodgy Australian prison drama on late night TV years ago, and to get back at another prisoner an inmate put shards of glass in the soap and butter and stuff. Good job you noticed because it didn't work out too well for that poor guy! Well, keep safe missus and have a lovely weekend!
Roisin x

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Glass scares me. I have had run-ins with it, too, and it is NO fun. I haven't been cutting it like that, but I have been cut by it. Glad you are okay. I think the teacup mosaics are a good thing. Glass... not so much if it hurts.