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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The I's have it.

My English friend's church is putting up a 
Christmas collaborative
with each letter in the verse, 
being created by different individuals
on a 12" x 12" canvas.

 She asked me to make a canvas. 
 I had the letter I.  

While I was making it I was amusing myself all to bits 
with sentences containing the letter "I."  

"I'll take a vowel, Pat.  The letter I, please."
"The I's (eyes) of the world are upon you."
"I'm LOOKING at you."
That begot, "Here's looking at YOU kid."
Only, I didn't have a U.
"The apple of my I"

The running dialogue in my head when I'm alone 
and playing with paper and glue
 is really frightening sometimes. 
 Perhaps, I shouldn't share that with you.
I glued old book pages to the canvas.
I painted, decoupaged fabric, and covered it with glitter.
Then, I covered the cardboard "I" with linen 
and vintage laces and buttons.
Here's my "I".

This blog brought to you 
by the letter
(Really.  You had to know that was coming!)


fiberdance said...

This is beautiful- I -love it!!

Createology said...

Kathy your amusement is very refreshing. I love how you interpreted the letter i for your canvas. This project sounds wonderful and I do hope you are able to show us the finished canvases in their phrase. Fabulous job.

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

You are still the funniest and bravest person I know! Not too many of my blogland friends are willing to share their musings like you are, thats why you are the bravest.You are the funniest because not too many of those same people make me laugh so hard my sides hurt. I wish you lived closer; we would get into lots of trouble together!

Into Vintage said...

As far as I'm concerned, you'll always put the 'I' in Ideas. And Interesting.

I'm wondering if there's a relationship between glue fume proximity and internal dialogue?