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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Somebody STOP Me!

I have pieces leftover from the craft show.  
And, I think I'd like to open an Etsy shop.
Now, do I think the world really needs
more craft objets d'art?
Umm...let me think.

Here's my question:
 I'd like to sell the necklaces.
Santa and Christmas were big.
So were the Kiss Me Keys.

What do you think about tags?
I made these tags.
I didn't sell any.
I like them but the question is
would anyone want to actually purchase them?

I've had quite a bit of cold medicine
knocked back a bottle of whiskey.
I can take it.
Tell me the truth.
(and I'm kidding about the whiskey)

I have Jack Nicholson in my head screaming,
"You can't HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!"
 How about paper tags?
I love this Redbird Christmas.
Obviously, not to everyone's taste
since I still have it.
Are tags a "dime a dozen" 
so to speak?
your opinion means a lot to me.

Honest answers.
I can take it.
I'll have a shot glass
and vodka
at the ready...


Terri Kahrs said...

No need for the shot glass, whiskey or tequila! The tags are beautiful, and those who passed them by are just unappreciative infidels! There's nothing to fear or lose in opening your Etsy shop, and everything to gain. You go, Girl!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Ellen aka Ella said...

I love your work; I think artful arrangement and gift wrapping add a lot to the sentiment! Maybe
offer 3 tags as a set to sell. I am on the verge of opening a shop. When I do maybe you can give me the truth~ Art shows are odd, mood, money,
arrangement, etc. Test your wings~

Heather said...

Ok here comes Honesty, I think your tags are beautiful. Yes there is a ton of that stuff on Etsy, but truely yours is alot prettier than most. I have a store on Etsy, I think I started in May. So I browse alot to see what others have. I have the same question about my work, maybe I am the only one who likes it. As much as I hate to say it, so far I have not done well on Etsy, everyone says it takes a while to get started... I don't know. I wish I had the courage to post this question about my work on my blog. Give it a shot you have nothing to lose (well maybe a little it is 20cents an item to list)Ha Ha. I hope you do it and I hope you do well. As for me I am thinking about closing shop and giving up on the art!!! Good Luck to you. When you post your tags let me know so I can buy one!!!!!

Rebecca said...

I love your stuff and yes there are tons of people on etsy and I think you have to work at etsy but why not try it... if thats what you want.
Not much to loose and much to gain.

Createology said...

Never second guess your beautiful art pieces. Some of us don't always sell our things very quickly however we definitely give fabulous gifts to family and friends. :o)

jenclair said...

The tags are lovely. I've wondered about Etsy and have thought about opening a shop, but it seems like a lot of work. Nevertheless, I'm glad a lot people have the courage because I love buying from Etsy! Give it a try!

Into Vintage said...

Do it! (please). Etsy is a wonderful venue for selling, your work is gorgeous and so are the photos you've taken. Once your shop is set up, it's so fast & easy to list items. And their fees are so FAIR. BTW - I don't know why but the things I sell on etsy never seem to sell as well at shows...

BECKY said...

Hi Kathy! I came over from Michelle's blog to say hi! I read your comment to her and it was so sweet, I just wanted to meet you. So glad I did.

About your creations and Etsy...YES!!! People will definitely buy them!! They are awesome!

I opened an Etsy the first week of September, and I am doing pretty well so far. Not tearing it up yet, but my stuff is selling! I sell handmade and vintage, and am loving it, but it does take some work. And if you use paypal they charge an additional fee for each transaction so you have to price your items accordingly.

My motto is that old cliche...Nothing ventured nothing gained! Go for it!

Have a great week!