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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stories. I Got Stories.

Ingrid at Pottery Girl made me this spider pendant
which I promptly turned into a dandy necklace.

Sometimes I write little stories to go with the pieces I make.
I know it annoys some folks.
But when it's late at night
and I've been up making jewelry
I need something to while away the posting time on Etsy.
Here's the story for this one:

The mother spider was full of eggs as she lay tucked quietly into the crate full of silk ribbons. 
She was ready to spring as soon as the lid of that crate had been pried open. 
She had been planning her escape for the entire trip. She would have babies.
 Lots and lots of tiny, poisonous baby spiders. 
She heard the footsteps approaching. 
The voices. 
She heard the creaking sound of the crowbar tearing apart her crate. 
She'd be free, soon.
She readied herself to spring into the air...

Makes you want to buy this doesn't it?!!

How about Benny the skeleton skull?

Benny appeared pensive as he contemplated where his bones might have been laid. 
He was a full skeleton just days before.
 Trying to remember made his brain hurt. 
Until he remembered, he didn't HAVE a brain...

HA!  Well, late at night it seemed funny.
At the time.

I've also been making these:

BFFs don't you think??

Knock knock.
HOO's there??!!




I make up stories in my head when I create.
Do you?
This tag is based on an evil magician.

He poisoned all of his assistants.
He was never caught.
Instead of using a rabbit for the rabbit in a hat trick-
He used an owl.
The owl did things for him.
Despicable things...

Fun, huh?!

Just hangin' around.
Making stuff.



Kim Mailhot said...

Love your funny/silly stories ! I know the feeling of someone else not quite getting it, but not caring, and being silly anyway. Part of being an Artist I think !
Have a boo-tiful day !

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

scary and oh, so cool! joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I don't even want to know what despicable things that owl did. Its scarier just wondering.

Sharon said...

OMG you are so funny... are you drinking a lot of coffee these days? How about wine? You have the gift my dear.

Cameron said...

You are very, very touched....I mean, talented!
No, really, you are so well suited to the twisted, spooky story....

...and yes, it does make you want to buy them!