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Sunday, September 11, 2011

You Had Me At Hell No

This is a song.  A real song!!  
John Rich and L'il John perform it on a sixpack CD 
that they made after Celebrity Apprentice. 
 It's good!

It inspired these earrings!

I also made these.
I'm selling all three together.

That way,
you can wear either
Hell No!
Hell Yes!
Yes on one ear
No on the other.

Back to finishing these:

They are going to be necklaces for right now.
Maybe earrings later.
Gotta love True Blood
John Rich!


Cameron said...

Can you believe I don't have cable....don't even have regular TV channels! I have never seen an episode of True Blood ever...*sniff*...and I do love vampires so...

I love the would-be necklaces! Can't decide which of the 2 sayings I like more...haha!

You are so adorable...
Just sayin'

Róisín said...

Hello Kathy! How the hell are you? I'm following your advice and trying not to feel guilty about not having called over in so long (again). All's well here, just a little busy. Love the earrings! And you've also just spoiled my planned evening of catching up on everyone's blogs - you reminded me there's a new True Blood episode on! I have to say, I don't actually watch a lot of American TV shows but when you Yanks do it well you do it soooooo well! And yup, tis a pretty spiffing intro tune too :)

Well, hope all's good with you and the family
Roisin x