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Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'd Catch A Grenade For Ya

I had the day off yesterday.
The short story is:
I blew a tire 
on the way to Michaels 
to buy these beads:

And, while I usually try to buy Czech beads
or handmade beads
these just called to me when I first saw them
I should've bought them then!
All was going well until  the tire blew out.
And I had to wait for the tow truck for an hour.
Then I had to wait another several hours to get the tire (s) replaced.
4 hours later.
I was at Michaels.
I did it.
I finished the grenade necklace.

I Love it!!
It makes me laugh.
Hopefully, someone else will love it.

I made this too.
It has more of a calming influence.

There you have it.
My schizophrenic mind at work.
Have a great weekend!


juliehaymakerthompson said...

Well I say well worth the trouble they are Darling!!!!! Hope it was not hot whilel you waited ?

Outofmymind said...

Way to make lemonade!!!!! I ADORE your work and I laughed and know the song!d out loud when I saw the grenade. You made my day!!!! Thanx for sharing such fun talent!!!

Createology said...

Great fun grenade necklace. Sorry your tire had to blow...seems like some sort of connection to the grenade. Safe Labor Holiday weekend...

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

Oh dear. A flat tire. Last time this happened to me it took a frustrated man honking at me repeatedly before I pulled over to see what all the honking was about. Couldn't feel that tire was flat while I was driving. Grrrrr! Now I carry a paperback book, water and a snack with me. Funny grenade story. Sometimes we just HAVE TO HAVE that certain thing.