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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just Stampin' Away

I love Etsy.
I have met some of the greatest people
since opening my little shop.

Remember when I said that someone had mailed me this?
Well it turns out that she was one of my Etsy customers
who just happens to work for one of the largest stamping companies around.
She sent it to me thinking that it could make some cool jewelry.
I was so surprised! And, thrilled.
I have been having a blast.
You use those stamps

This crazy stuff stamps on everything.
I did!
This is glass.
I haven't decided what to do with this, yet.
I was just tickled to death that it didn't smear.
I have actually never used StazOn before.
I had it in my suitcase of ink.
You don't store your ink in a suitcase?
I store TONS of stuff in suitcases.
Back to the ink...
Which means I purchased it at some point.
Some sort of project in mind, no doubt.
And there it sat

I stamped this silver disc.
First I lightly sanded the disc.
Then I stamped it.
But, I don't own any of those little acrylic blocks
I did it using this.
I used the plastic lid of another stamp pad!
I didn't have the acrylic block.
Turns out -
It doesn't matter!  
Didn't need it.
This worked
like a charm.
Speaking of charms,
I stamped this beat up piece of copper that I had.

Then I took the stamped bits
and made jewelry.



The spider is my favorite
I took out some hostilities
on a square piece of copper.
Stamped it with the new stamps
I ended up with this.
It's very cool.
Stamps and metal.
It's a good thing.
(sorry, Martha)


Cameron said...

Great stuff, Kathy!! It looks like your customer was soooo right!

So artsy these all are.....and gorgeous, too!

Kelly_Deal said...

What wonderful jewelry! That stamp set is perfect!

Terri Kahrs said...

It's not a good thing . . . . it's an "AWEsome Thing"!!!! Hahaah!!!! OMG! I can't live without StaZon, it's my fave. I've gone to more than one dinner party with stazon on my fingers!!! (Am sure you can relate!) Love all of these pieces. How generous of your customer so send you those stamps. She KNEW you'd come up with wonderful, creative uses for them!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Laura Weed said...

Yes, please...I will have both! Great job, Kathy! LOVE THEM!!!