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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Max Picks A Winner

I bought blueberries yesterday.
I adore blueberries.  I thought I'd have some
for breakfast.
I got up this morning and wandered into the kitchen.

What are you doing???
What happened to your fur?

Ugh.  I don't feel very good.
I think ate too many blueberries.
And it's not fur.
It's wool.
You made me.

Yeah, yeah.  Right.
Do rabbits eat blueberries?

This one does.

How many did you eat?

about 40.
40's right.

I have a great idea.
I need a random number generator
for the Tea Party prize winner.

You are the random number generator!
40 it is.

The winner of the Tea Party prize is


Alisa said
:) That Max made me chuckle! Thanks for having me!

Alice in Wonderland's Cheshire Cat - We're ALL Mad with  Vintage Teapot Charm

I need your contact info
and I'll send this off to you, 
Missy Alisa!

How long are you going to 
perpetuate the myth
that I'm a live rabbit?

Oh, hush, Max.
Just go with me on this one.


Alisa Noble said...

Yay me!
Thank you so much Kathy... and Max!!!

Rebecca said...

Oh Max, you are too cute! You better get out of those blueberries or soon you will be nothing but blue...
Congratulations Alisa!
Have a wonderful Fourth Kath!

Suz said...

Haha! I love Max. And I love your funny blog. And that Alisa is a great artist and a big sweetheart!

Cameron said...

Funny...if he were a real bunny...those blueberries would look surprisingly similar coming out the other end ;-P

Congrats Alisa...lucky duck!

Anonymous said...

Max is adorable- and you MADE him- wow a blueberry eating bunny.

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Tee-Hee! Max is cute and even cuter covered in blueberry juice! What a clever bunny he is for picking the winner of your giveaway!!! Congratulations to Alisa!

I'm so glad you got your giveaway package from me! Enjoy your lovely little sachet!!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


Róisín said...

Max has to be one of the custest things I've ever seen!!! On another note, I'm only realising now how long it's actually been since I've been here. So sorry, once again!