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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mail Call!

Not MALE Call.
No, no, no.


As in

I've been getting lots of mail.

I won two giveaways in
the Fanciful Twist's Tea Party
on June 25th.
Can this really be the end of July?
What happened to JULY?!
This Alice Sachet smells like heaven!
It smells like lavender
 but doesn't that 
smell like heaven?!
made it.
Thank you, Betty!!

This is a fun blog party.
You can still visit here if you like.

Isn't this hat marvelous?!!
This was from Wendy over at
Thank you Wendy!!

I also participated in Karla's Bird Song tag swap.
Karla's tag swaps are
hugely popular (as my friend Susan says)
and just way too much fun!
Here is the tag book I received.
I've created links if you click on the picture.

Seahorse Ranch

 Morrison Mercantile

Karen  (no blog)


Thank you Miss Karla!!  This has to be TONS of work but I always enjoy them.

I'm off to get a hair cut and color.
Maybe I'll surprise the Mr.
and have it done red
 like the lady in the pirate book.
I'm sure I'll look just like her.
I'll let you know. (wink, wink)


Róisín said...

Hello my friend! It's been a while, sorry (yet again). As I said before though, the upside to leaving it so long before paying you a visit is getting loads of posts to catch up on all at once! It's what I do with my favourite TV shows too, wait until the season finishes and then have a big couch-hogging seige :) Anyway, congratulations! I won two giveaways in the party too, must do a wee post on it myself some day. I love what you won! Aren't bloggers so kind and generous? I feel guilty 'cause I've never hosted a giveaway. Must try and think of something people might actally want! Anyway my friend I hope all is well. Now I'm off to see what you've been up to!
Roisin x

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

You got one of my bird tags! I'm so glad you like it. I received my tags yesterday and have already drooled over them twice...make that 3 times.

Cameron said...

What wonderful goodies! Lovin' those tags!