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Sunday, May 1, 2011

High Flying Flea

The Kane County Flea Market was yesterday.
I didn't buy a lot of things but I found a couple
of unusual items for jewelry making.

This is a ginormous ball chain necklace.  
The balls on this chain are probably 8-9mm
And what would you put on your 
giant ball necklace?

You know...
I can hear you snickering out there.
Keep the giant ball jokes
to yourselves.

I put this!
I found this darling little tiny
micro-machine aeroplane.

I added a pretty blue bead and a
sparkly clear Czech bead.
This plane is about an inch in size
Now tell me.
Who wouldn't want a 
dandy aeroplane
hanging around their neck?!

I also made this bracelet.

I glued this little bee charm
on top of an old
Bakelite button.
I started wiring copper wire 
added a
Czech beads (I love those things)

A bracelet that will have bees swarming
around you all summer.


That's not exactly a selling feature is it?


Cameron said...

Cute stuff, Kath! Love the bee bracelet especially....such lovely Summer colors :)

Terri Kahrs said...

Well, of COURSE you added things to this fabulous chain! What a great find, Kath! OMG! I just finished my self-imposed, much-needed blogging break, and had to stop by to see what you've been up to. . . . .

Your saga of the dead sump pump struck a nerve. Our first house had a pump that ran constantly, and when it would burn out, we'd have a swimming pool. I DID learn how to change the motor, but only had soldering skills because of a stained glass class! LOL! Who knew that the stained glass wouldn't pan out, but those skills would come in handy. When we went to see the house to trade up, our realtor (who was also a friend) told us that we could list the house with mention of the "indoor swimming pool". We didn't think that was too funny!!!

Am happy to hear that you're back to creating and have put the wet vac away! Hugs, Terri xoxo

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Those are adorable! I would think that anyone who loves planes or an air force wife would adore that airplane (love that cute blue plane), and who doesn't love a bee? CUTE! You always have the neatest things, Kathy. I like how your mind works!


Sheila :-)

Róisín said...

Beautiful Kathy! I always enjoy seeing what fabulous creations your going to come up with next. I especially like the bee braclet, and I'd take bees buzzing about over wasps any day. Do bees fight wasps? I wish they did...