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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rolling In The Deep

rolling in the deep flowers that is. 
 This video has nothing to do with the post except that I really like it.  
I love the song but I also love the way this video looks. 
 It's great to sing full blast driving down the street.  
It helps if you can sing.  I, my friends, can not sing. 
 I sound like a walrus that is being brutalized.  It's not pretty.

The last two weeks have been strange.
I like to say "Mercury is in retrograde."
I have no idea what that means
or if it even is
but it seems to make sense to me.
So today I decided not worry if Mercury was still in retrograde
and make it a good day.
I did this:

I waved my magic wand and...


You don't have a magic wand?
Well, my, my...
And whose fault is that!?

Anyway, I waved my wand
and tidied up the front porch.

The magic wand stays in the flowers
to deter goblins.
I just made that up.
Could you tell?

I planted the teapot and gussied up the bird's nest.

The Cheshire cat and the weird little girl cup is back, too.
Nice to see them after such a dismal winter.

I filled the bird's nest with stones.
Hopefully, the birds won't try to dismantle it.
I love this old table that everything is on.
I bought it from some folks
 living in the hills in Arkansas.
True story.
Their daughter was talking about the party the night before when
everyone was 
all liquored up on moonshine.

(gin bottle charm I made)

Can't make this stuff up.
When I bought it, the guy who made it said,
"This here'n's a dang good table."
At least I think that's what he said.
He was hard to understand.

It's 25 years old
I guess it really IS a good table!

The bleeding hearts are out.
I love them!
Almost as much as my favorite

Lily of the Valley
I wish you could smell them.

You know who can smell them?

My decorative hippo.

Do you have a decorative hippo?
Do you?


Dar said...

I Love your charming rustic table..."This here'n, its a dang good table." , all liquored up! Love it. I feel right at home here. Love your jewels too. I forgot how much I love stopping in, thanks to my sis, Cher.

barbara said...

No decorative hippo, but I do have lilies of the valley, and I can almost smell them in your post. Love that song, too! It will be going through my mind the rest of the day, I bet.

see mary stamp said...

No - but I do have some decorative pigs, a frog and some ducks. I planted flowers this weekend too. I'm not much of one for mucking about in the mud, but we needed some fresh color.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Kathy! Loved the video. Thumpin' beat and soulful voice and lyrics. Loved it! And I love your pix and wish you could wave your magic wand over here and get a few things spruced up for me!

I just emailed you. You won a prize on my blog! Yay!


Róisín said...

Great post missus! Loved seeing all the lovely things in your garden - the teapot, the chesire cat, your flowers, that wee funny girl face cup! All so pretty :) I could do with you and your magic wand round my place. And the story of your table had me giggling - as usual. Anyway my friend, I hope you are well.

Roisin x