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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Minnie's Chapeau

Here's Minnie's new hat.  I started with one of those ball tea strainers.  It comes in two pieces.  I covered half of it in pink felt and hot glued it down.  Then I cut a long strip of pink felt, rolled it in two and glued it around the edge.  Martha Stewart's tip of having cold ice water whilst using my glue gun would've been a real good idea to think about BEFORE I did this.  just saying.....

                    The hat before adding the flower.

                            Minnie (still naked as a jaybird) with her new chapeau!

This is a better picture of the flower on her hat.  I blatantly borrowed this felt flower look from Princess Lasertron.  Let us just make perfectly clear that I will never be a threat to her empire.  I can't imagine making a ton of these for a wedding bouquet!  Painstaking work and whatever she gets paid, it's not enough!

Now, on to her dress and bloomers.

Stay tuned!


Miss Rhea said...

Adorable Kathy !!! :) Cant wait to see her dress you make for her :)

Susan said...

I will be needing a dress for a wedding this summer....if you start now.....this could be a whole new career change for you!!..