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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I've been MIA
I could tell you that I've been to the islands.
I was invited to the White House.
I was appearing on the Martha Stewart Show
but that would be all lies.
The truth is...
I have this Etsy shop.
It's great!
Who knew Christmas was the busiest time of the year?!
This used to be my dining room table.
Then it became a shipping table.
Now it's just
My dining room looks like a room on those newscasts 
where they remove the children 
from the deplorable living conditions.  
Yup.  I've created deplorable living conditions.
There's no pizza boxes.
No garbage.
Just mounds of tape, bubble wrap, postage paraphernalia and so forth.
But, I survived.
I met so many wonderful people that
it was worth every late night and early morning
that I spent creating the 
deplorable living conditions.
This is the pile of fun today.
I finally made it out to my favorite antique store for more buttons.
My daughter said,
"Really.  You really need more buttons."

Just to show you that I did actually 
sort of 
clean the counter up for breakfast Christmas morning.
My daughter refused to make cinnamon rolls for us
if there was any broken glass or staples.
Spoil sport.

I did get a nifty new Ott light.
It helps SO much.
There's no reason for me not to be making jewelry
well into the wee hours of the morning.
That's what caffeine is for isn't it?

I've been making these:





and don't forget to have fun.


Into Vintage said...

Next thing we know, you'll be featured on etsy's 'Quit Your Day Job' feature! Congrats on your success with your etsy shop.

And what a huge relief to know I'm not the only one who 'spreads out' to work. This post will be called to the attention of Mr. Into Vintage immediately.

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

After viewing your table, I can see why your blog is called "A Spectacular Mess." So appropriate! Love your handiwork!

Mac n' Janet said...

Happy New Year, my daughter LOVED the earrings I bought from your shop!
They were the white rabbit earrings.

AlphaBetsy said...

So many beautiful pieces. Congrats on the success of your Etsy. I hope it continues through the new year.

And tell your daughter that you can NEVER have enough buttons. :)

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hi Kathy~
So glad to hear you've had a great season with your Etsy shop.But of course you did, your things are darling. Happy New Year!

Cameron said...

You were having a fantastic Season! Nice problem to have....but, I did miss you!

You are doing great things, though...your ideas and themes are so much fun!

In the Light of the Moon said...

My goodness you have been busy busy busy!! Love all the earrings!!Wish I could say my etsy shop has been that busy..but I cant..heehee.Happy New Year Friend.Hugs,Cat

Róisín said...

Kathy, I've just been scrolling down through all your posts I missed recently and I just want to say I adore absolutely EVERYTHING you make!!! Honestly, every bit of it. And your deplorable living conditions? Well they just turn my eyes green! I've neither the time nor the space to make things at the minute and I've got such urges. Can I call round and play with your toys ;) Anyway, sorry I've not been on in a while. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and happy New Year :)
Roisin x