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Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year Smiles

So, here we are.  The first of the year.  Paraphrasing the Christmas song by John Lennon: 

"And so it is New Years.  And what have you done?  Another year over.  A new one just begun."

I've been looking on Etsy.

Here's what I've purchased or had purchased for me:

Beau Bunny!
I adore him.  He sits in my family room all year.
Yes.  Even with the Halloween pumpkin.
It's kinda weird next to the Christmas tree but we aren't going to go there now, are we?

Squeaky The Samurai Squirrel

He's waiting for a frame.  He's going on the wall in my office at work.
My co-workers all have photos of their families on their desks and office walls.
I will have Squeaky and this guy:

It's not that I don't like my family.  I love my family.  
I just have a thing for rodents.
Don't ask.
They make me laugh.
so does my family.

And really,
I ask you.
can you look at these faces and NOT smile?!


Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Oh my, I love the photos of the dog and the squirrel. Too cute! I like your latest conquests, as well.

Cameron said...

Oh my gosh, those squirrels are too darn cute!! ...and now, I know a new little tidbit about you....rodents, who knew?!

Mac n' Janet said...

I really like your purchases, and I spend WAY too much time on etsy.

Donna, The Decorated House said...

Those are all so darn cute!

Beau Bunny loves Christmas! And he enjoys it greatly even when he has his pumpkin with him. :)

Thank your for featuring him.

Anonymous said...

while I am not a rodent lover I do love the items you are enjoying. Such a lucky person to be surrounded by this beauty.