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Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Fear I'm Completely Bonkers

I've said this before.
Sometimes I look at what I make and think,
"Lordy. Lordy.  I'm Sybil"

I did not make this.
My friend Cameron did.
She has a blog called
Her art is gorgeous.
She does the most magnificent eyes.
She has a style.
I can spot Cameron's art from 500 miles away.

I'm all over the board.
I wish I had a style.

My style seems to be:

"Um. Mmmm.   Girl. You is one crazy mess!"

That's not the style I want to be.
But, apparently
it is who I am.
Sounds like a song cue doesn't it?

I was going to plug in the song
because it makes me laugh.
I couldn't get it to fit into this blog.
So I'll post some lovely jewelry pictures.

I like buttons and old stuff.

Old stuff.  Buttons.

But then,
I need to shake it up.
And I end up with this:

Or these!
Dragons breath (Mexican Opal) 
GORGEOUS to look at.

And then the next thing you know
I'm making these.
For Valentine's Day.

I did make some nice Valentine earrings.
I did!

I can do pretty.

But then the dragons begged to be made.

And the frog asked so sweetly.
He looked ever the gentleman in his debonair top hat.

And before I could say
in my best Jim Carrey voice,


We were dancing and singing and grooving  to the movin'

Go Here

So there you have it.
I'm completely


Joyce van der Lely said...

Loove the key with the eye !!!!!!! Love the fox too (Cam is a friend of mine too) Lucky you, I love your style btw. Have a great day xoxo ;)

Sue said...

YOu.....BONKERS.....really??.......NAH!!!! Love the frog necklace:)

Nancy said...

You ARE very talented! You think outside the box and it is hard to do that for me. I try, I really do. I hear it's so creative out there ;-) Jist teasin you. Lovely blog you have.

Chik-a-dy said...

oh my goodness...i so love your are very funny and talented...i also have a blog called...slightly which i haven't posted anything in couple of years but after reading makes me want to get back to it...thanks for the laughs and all the beautiful art

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