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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Vintage Cheese Graters and Flying Saucers

I saw on Etsy someone was selling rusted and painted 
cheese graters.
They were being used for displaying earrings.

I happen to have one.
It's already rusted.
from years of use.
My family used to joke about the rust.
Really they were horrified that I still used it.
It was CLEAN!
It was just

I had a neighbor ask to borrow it once.
One look at it and she said,
"No thanks, Kathy.  I'll drive to the store and buy one."
A kitchen object is really bad when you'd rather buy one than borrow one.

Much to my family's delight
I finally replaced it.
I couldn't throw it away.
I've had it since my first apartment.
It's been a good friend
and given me more than a few
scraped knuckles!

Imagine my delight when I saw
an alternative use for it!
I put my Etsy earrings on it.

It makes a snazzy carrier/holder for earrings.

And it will save me a few bucks in tetanus shots.

I bought these vintage beads a while back.
They looked like flying saucers.
You may be asking yourself
"Why would you want these?"
The answer is...

 I made these:

They are HUGE!
They are made of
vintage Lucite and look like crystal.
They are very light weight, too!
And let me just say,
take a side view, closeup
when you are over 50
unless you have


Cameron said...

Hey, I learned that lesson over here at 38.....I don't have good self-esteem...haha! I tend to post close-ups in the "small" size :)

Never woulda thought to use the greater that way! So cool you don't have to give up your rusty little friend :P

Terri Kahrs said...

Why NOT is RIGHT!!! Life is just too darned short! OMG! Thanks for the awesome idea. I've got one of these graters with some of my DNA on it too. And like yours . . . . it's aged!!! (Kinda like me!)

Just finished a two week blogging break, and I read your post about the dentist. Bah! Humbug! I'll bet our guys (who have no personalities) are smiling like bandits when they go the bank with our money!!! Hugs, Terri xoxox