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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Famous Potatoes

Did you know that
"Famous Potatoes"
is the slogan used on Idaho license plates?
That's right.
I'm here to educate you.

I changed up these old 60's earrings.
I added olives.
I'm not sure why.
It seemed like the right thing to do.
At least that's what these beads look like to me.

This is the photo after I edited out
the "famous potatoes."
Rule #1 in taking a photograph.
Always, observe the background and  foreground 
before snapping the picture.
I didn't see the potatoes.
Hopefully, they aren't too noticeable.
I thought about adding a disclaimer to the Etsy description.
Something like,
Famous Potatoes not included.
I decided against doing that.

I made these too.
I love these deep yellow orange beads.
They just look yummy.
Between the famous potatoes, the olives
and the oranges all this beaded food is making me hungry.
I'm going to go find something to eat.


I almost forgot.
I made these too.
Made ya smile!


Terri Kahrs said...

Darlin', you ALWAYS make me smile!!! ♥ Well, I'm here to learn! Who knew that was the saying on Idaho license plates. New info for a Jersey girl!!! LOL!

Been a bit absent with all that Mother Nature's been throwing at us lately. Just finished battening down the hatches for Irene's visit later today.

Love your sweet comment!!! Thank you!!! ♥ You made my heart sing and my soul dance. Good luck in my drawing.

BTW - I think you should call your "olive earrings" - "Mad Man Magnets" ♥ Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

Cameron said...

I didn't even notice those taters in the background...haha! Guess they're not so famous afterall :)

Course, the jewelry was just too wonderful to look past....

Rebecca said...

Hi Kath
Lovely earrings - very fun. You are always so busy creating.
Hope your summer went well and these last days will be enjoyable.
I am doing Kane this week, so have been making pumpkins...