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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tin Foil Hats And Rock Lobsters

It was a beautiful day.
I made jewelry.
My friend Cameron over at Paint Me Pretty
kindly sent me some beach glass and stones to fool around with.
I went through my stash of charms and what-not.

I found this charming lobster charm.
HA!  I just crack myself up.

I attached him to the beach stone.
Then I coated the beach stone with a sealant.
I stood back and admired him.
Suddenly, I remembered this song!!
Do you?
Another song by the B-52s.
I have their music stuck in my head
and to be honest...I am not fond of the B-52s.
There is a cow bell in this song.
'Nuff said.

I'm not particularly fond of this song.
It's the only song I know about Rock Lobsters.
And it fit this little guy.

I made a few more necklaces.
I made these with soldered beach glass.

And this cute  Easter Mary Had A Little Lamb necklace.
I love the bright primary colors in it.
Although, just why Mary is sharing Easter eggs with
her little spring lamb friend, I'm not sure.
Lambs are herbivorous creatures.

I found some pressed pansies and made this necklace.
Through a fortuitous error the glass looks swirled.
Fortuitous error means I messed up big time -
It turned out lovely in the end.

Kind of cool, huh?!

But Kathy, you say.
You promised us Tin Foil Hats!
...and so I did.

Aluminum foil - 89 cents at the local drug store.

Tin foil hats.  I made three of these.
I participated in a Trivia Bee for Literacy today.
Our group actually wore the tin foil hats.
We almost won Best Costume.
We lost out to Scooby Doo.

Try not to think about this too much.
Unless you are wearing a tin foil hat.
They keep alien thoughts from invading your brain.
Tin foil works better than aluminum foil.
It's true.
Know how I know?
I read it on the Internet.
Unfortunately, I only had aluminum
And that is why we did not place first.
That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

My daughter stopped by while I was making these last night.
I had one on my head that I was shaping.
They are so light weight you are not even aware you are wearing one.
Our conversation turned to serious issues.
As I was making a terribly, terribly serious point she says to me:

"MOM!  Take off that ridiculous aluminum foil hat! 
 I can't talk about anything serious
while you are wearing that hat!"

Then she said,
"A person should not have to say that sentence to their own mother."

If she thought that hat was silly
she should have seen my first attempt.
It resembled an aluminum yarmulke.


Cameron said...

I don't even know what a yarmulke is!!! I bet an aluminum foil one is horrifying, though!!! :D

I knew you'd be playing around with those pieces the moment you had them in your hot little hands!

I love how the soldered glass turned out!

Sharon said...

I now have you to thank for the song going around in my head. Did your daughter know you were also listening to "Rock Lobster" while you were creating those lovely hats. I do love all your "other" creations!

Into Vintage said...

For a moment there I thought maybe you were making Devo wigs out of foil. Made sense to me.

Did I ever mention I went to school in Athens, GA? That makes me a HUGE fan of the B-52's...