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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

If You're Old Enough To Remember This

Then you're old enough.

I Googled song lyrics with the word rust.
I found this song.
I had forgotten about this.
And if you remember Joan Baez singing Diamonds and Rust
you and I should sit in a coffee shop with bongos
and reminisce!
Like, Groovy ,man, groovy...

I bought some brass charms
They were rather shiny.
I tried to grunge  er... rust  them up.

It's harder than I thought.

It's hard to show in these pictures.
The charms are pretty grungy.
For the most part.

This picture reminds me of

California Dreamin'

All the leaves are brown
(all the leaves are brown)
And The sky is grey
(and the sky is grey)

C'mon SPRING!!!!!!


Terri Kahrs said...

Where's the nearest coffee shop?!? Hmmmm . . . . yes, I DO remember this song, and "Blowing in the Wind", and Dylan, and original tie-dyed stuff, long skirts, peasant blouses, and flowers in my hair!!!! ((Sigh!!!)) Was it REALLY that long ago??? Don't answer that question!!! LOL!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

~mel said...

Well you better make it a table for three; because I'm with Terri on this one... I not only remember Joan; but remember EVERY SINGLE WORD of Diamonds and Rust! LOVE IT!

Róisín said...

Great, fun post as ever my friend! And thank you because you've made me feel young since I don't remember the tune :) Love the wee charms!

Cameron said...

I don't know the songs...but I do know who those people are...unlike my brother who is 12 years younger than me...haha!

Mac n' Janet said...

I love the song, remember it well.

fairyrocks said...

California dreaming ...Thanks for the memories
And I would buy you a coffee!!!

kluless said...

Right on! 8+)

Susan said...

I love that song. Now it will be in my head all day. Love your little charms. Susan