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Friday, March 25, 2011

Bette Davis Eyes

Do you operate better under stress?
Do you come up with your best ideas at T minus 1?
Do you sit and dawdle at the computer when
you should be thinking up something fabulous
for someone you promised something fabulous to?

We made robins and little nests at our felting class last week.

They turned out so darn cute.
Everyone had a different expression.

I promised our library "Friends" group
that I would donate something for the spring raffle.
Ummm...several months ago.

Not coming up with anything particularly spectacular
I put this necklace in a box.
It's a nice necklace.

But, I felt bad because 
I hadn't made something
specifically for the raffle.
I suffer tremendous, uncontrollable guilt at times.
It's a bad habit of mine.
It's from growing up and watching
way too many
Superman (George Reeves)
(honestly, who doesn't love
Fighting a never ending battle for Truth, Justice and The American Way)

Tarzan movies. (Johnny Weissmuller)

Well, YOU figure out how to type a Tarzan yell!

Anyway, I really did want to make something
specifically for the raffle.
whilst watching 
The Big Bang Theory
it came to me.
I'd make a nest.
I had enough wool for the nest
not enough for the wee little robin.
I improvised.
Sometimes that can
 go horribly wrong.
Like the time I used a too large paintbrush
to paint the eyes on Mary
for my manger scene.
Instead of Jesus' mother
she looked more like a
server at the local
Bethlehem Hooters.
It wasn't a pretty sight.
I digress.
I made this:

It turned out quite sweet.
Much, much better than poor Mary's 
 (click on the words if you can't remember the song)

10 comments: said...

Sometimes a mistake is for the good, I can't imagine that nest being cuter than it is now! The flower is perfect.

I lived for Tarzan movies as a kid. He is still my hero. And Superman was on every day after school, I couldn't wait to get home and watch it. Which might explain why I was such a chubby kid, I didn't play outside, I watched tv after school...

Cher' Shots said...

I'm a procastiator, always searching for inspiration and using that as my excuse for not actually moving into action - how pathetic is that? Your felting is fantastic. Lov'n it!
'hugs from afar'

oldgreymare said...

The nests are wonderful! Robins are an all time favorite for this ole PA girl. :D


Terri Kahrs said...

M-U-C-H prettier than Poor Mother Mary's eyes!!! The lucky raffle winner will LOVE it, AND your beautiful necklace! BTW - thanks for posting the Superman picture. I have a secret "thing" for hot men wearing capes and boots!!! (Zorro's my other fave!!!) Happy Weekend! Hugs, Terri xoxxo

Róisín said...

Excellent post my friend! Lots of pretty things to look at and entertaining as ever. Have I ever told you that I love your blog? I love your blog. And your sweet little felt creations, great work!

Cameron said...

I'm with you! I work so much better with a deadline looming! Your nests are wonderful!!! I think I like the one with the flower a spring flower arrangement :)

Of course, I've always liked that necklace, too!

Createology said...

Your felted nest and eggs and little bird are just so adorable. The necklace is fabulous too. Oh how I can relate to "got lots of time" and then nothing done! Happy weekend...

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

LOVE your felting project! So cute and the men arent too bad either!

kluless said...

Love your results and, yes, I work better under stress, too, and I HATE that about myself. Causes me plenty of anxiety I could do without- LOL!

Into Vintage said...

"Do you sit and dawdle at the computer when
you should be..." (fill in the blank) The internet is the number one time-vacuum in my life but I love it so.

And your craftiness knows no bounds -- felting, jewelry, glitter, soldering, tags -- where does this crafty madness end?! I feel a little inadequate but greatly inspired. :-)