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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Love Shack - Bay-bee

Remember this song?  
You don't? 
This was going through my mind while I was
making some Valentine's Day goodies
for my Etsy Shop.
Now that I'm actually listening to it
I suddenly remember.
It's a little annoying.  
It was inspiration for this
which I actually made before Christmas.
It seemed appropriate for the 
upcoming Valentine's Day.

The original Love Shack Necklace.
Your very own
Tin Roof Love Shack
located at
(are you ready for this?)
53 Lover's Lane Drive!!

I also whipped up this bit o'fun.
I cut up old romance novels.
This one was actually
Romancing The Stone.
Like the movie.
And yes.
That is
the one,
the only,
I Can't Believe It's Not....(you know the rest)
(and the crowd goes crazy)
Not into Fabio?
Me either.
Yet, there he is gracing the cover
of this romance novel.
Romance novels.
I had to stand in line
at the Goodwill
with an armload 
of these babies.
Trying the entire time
to look like
I had no idea
what I was holding.

"Romance novels?  Wow!
How did THOSE get 
in my arms?"

And I cut up those pages and made this:
Don't you want to know
what it says?

It does NOT say
It says...

Here it is with ribbons.

Or, I suppose you could make one that says
Kick Me.


The Quintessential Magpie said...


I just howled about the Fabio, part. You are too funny, and that is a super idea, Kathy. Love it.


Sheila :-)

Scrap Vamp said...

What a great idea to use romance novel pages and covers! I like Fabio, especially when they change his hair to black! lol!

Createology said...

How fun your hearts swag turned out and I love the fact that you followed through using romance novels. The Love Shack necklace is perfect! I do remember the song and now it is looping in my Happy Valentine creating...

Susan said...

Hey I love the banner. What a cute idea. You can keep Fabio, I'll take the swag! Susan