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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blood Red

I had a friend years ago that described her perfect shade of quilting red 
as "blood red."
It always made me shudder 
just slightly.
But this necklace?
It's just that color.
And kind of creepy.
And rather disturbing 
that it actually came from
 the same brain
that made

I see so many crafters/artists
out there 
who have a distinct 
My vision is more
shall we say
I mean, honestly.
One necklace looks like it came out of
(which by the way I've never read or seen)

The other looks
old and vintagey.
(which spell check tells me is not a word)
Together they look kind of cool.
For those of you
in touch with your inner vampire
I have these both up

(on a side note:  the upper left hand corner of my blog
is now counting down the days until spring)


Susan said...

Hi all the red jewels! And I love the countdown to spring in the corner, very cool! Have a great week. Susan

Cameron said...

I'm confused...then what does it do? Love the does look great with the other!

Got my envie...and OMG what a delight!! I've already gone thru it 4x....the next time will be the last before I divide and sort it all...haha!

Thank you so so so so much....
...and I was right...that ribbon is divine :)

Hugs, smiles and...okay, I wanna give you another hug,
Cam said...

Spell check just doesn't understand the best words. And vintagey is one of them.

jenclair said...

Love the heart and lace!