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Friday, September 24, 2010

That's The Sound of Sunshine Coming Down

My husband and I just got back from Key West, Florida. 
 If I could be in love with a city it would be that place. 
 I overheard a woman say,
 "Once they passes that Seven Mile Bridge they don't never come back!"  
She's right.  
They don't never come back
 the same that is.  
This is going to be a post full of pictures. 
 I hope you enjoy them.  
If you play this song while you read this post, it'll be even better. 
 I promise!
(right click on link and select open link in new tab -
 then you can listen to music and read)

1, 2, 3... uh huh...
Here we go.
Flying into Key West on a propeller plane.
Yup.  A propeller plane.

 Old wreck on display for the tourists.
We've been about 8 or 9 times.
 We are still tourists!
 The marina.  I love walking up and down the boardwalk 
with the sights,  sounds and smells (yes, SMELLS) of the marina!
 This is B,O.s Fish Wagon.  It's a restaurant.
On the other side of this truck. 
 Best grouper sandwiches in the world.
 You gotta love the name!
Breakfast on the veranda of our hotel.  Best view on the island.

More boats along the boardwalk.

Here's what's at the end of the boardwalk.
Turtle Kraals.
Years ago it's where the brought the turtles to...
well, they made them into soup.
Now, Turtle Kraals makes
TOURISTS into soup.
It's a bar.
Best view from a bar on the island!

From the top.
Why we're there.
We're also there for food.
They have great barbeque.
And oysters.
Key West is a whole lot bawdy
breath taking,
charmingly, romantic.
Lot's of odd characters running around.
Some are human.
I think...
Some fish.
Some work on their boats.

Some entertain you at the nightly
Sunset Celebration.
Our hotel overlooked this area.
We could watch it every night from our balcony.
 Walk around town and you'll see
interesting homes.
 Some on the water.
 Some surrounded by gardens.

Homes you can tour!

Homes with the porch ceiling painted blue.
I heard it's supposed to
repel evil spirits.
Beautiful southern living.
 AND Sunsets.
Dancing in the dark

On Signs!
Color is everywhere.

Even at night.
The morning of our last day it rained.
"That's the sound of sunshine coming down."


Honey Lamb and I said...

I love Key West! Your pics are awesome and glad you had such a great time!

Susan said...

Those are some really great photos. Looks like quite a beautiful place to go. That was an awesome rainbow. We are free to go with you guys next time. Frankie Gus Gus can stay with Ben. Susan

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Thats a little slice of heaven for sure! Wow, simply stunning.I could use a trip like that.

Into Vintage said...

I've never been and wasn't quite sure what it would look like - I imagined a lot of pie or something. I too am free to go with you next time.

Anonymous said...

It was fate that brought me here. I was just looking at hotels in Key West yesterday. Thinking of taking my first trip there. I would love it if you would share suggestions of the best places to stay! I will be driving from Miami though... no prop plane for me. Although... it gives me a bit of anxiety thinking of driving over all of that water too. Your photos are great!!